Daily Devotional – 3/3/14 “Destroying vs. breaking!”

On this Christian walk, I’ve learned that it’s sometimes necessary to ask God to destroy some things instead of breaking them. Why? Well, because broken things can be repaired. See, if you have an addiction, it needs to be destroyed but a broken heart needs to be mended. An abusive relationship needs to be destroyed but a broken spirit needs to be restored. Yea, if I’m chained by alcoholism and I asked God to break the chain, it can easily bind me with a rope but if I ask God to destroy my desire for it then there’s nothing left for it to attach itself too. If I’m attached to this spirit of lying and cheating and I ask God to break it, there’s a chance it can reattach itself to me but if I ask God to destroy it, there’s nothing left. Toxic relationships, the abuse of our children and elderly, cancer, diseases, tearing down of folk just to build someone else up, senseless killing of our children, youth suicides, spousal abuse, homelessness, lack of education for all, unemployment yet you can’t get unemployment, lack of government assistance for those who actually need it, generational curses and treating the place of worship like a worldly business … all these things have to be destroyed and not broken! It’s time that we get back to doing our Father’s business. No, no one will ever be perfect yet push to be better. Stop allowing the demons of your past to hold you down in your present, ask God to destroy them because He will. Stop breaking those things you know need to be destroyed, only for you to go back and get them to put them together again with glue. Destroy the hatred you have in your heart, the malice intent you have your mind set on, the hurt you harbor and that addiction that you’ve accepted because once it’s destroyed, it’s useless! Don’t break that which needs to be destroyed!


One thought on “Daily Devotional – 3/3/14 “Destroying vs. breaking!”

  1. So true, true indeed. GOD Bless you woman of God, GOD Bless you and yours. Keep allowing God to use you, Be Blessed!!!

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