Daily Devotional – 2/27/14 “You may not be ready!”

I wonder how much better you’d be if you prayed for folk as much as you talked about them? How many more blessings you’d received if you helped instead of hurt? How many doors you’ve closed because you’d rather tear folk down instead of building them up? I mean when will you stop craving other folk’s blessings and pray for your own. You got the nerve to be mad at your sister because she just got a new car, you’re angry because your brother got a promotion on his job, you’re heated because your friend was approved for her new house and you’re furious because others are flourishing in the same business that you’re having trouble in. Oh but let me drop this in your spirit … While you’re secretly wanting and wishing for their blessings, you may not be ready to endure all the hell they’ve gone through. Yea, you see folk’s glory yet you haven’t asked them their story. Yea, you see their blessing but where were you during the stressing? Yea, you see them doing well but you didn’t notice all the times they were going through hell. You see them now that they’ve received their healing but not when pain and tears was all they were dealing. Where were you?

All I’m saying is don’t be quick to wish for what others have because your shoulders may not be strong enough to carry the weight they’ve had to carry to maintain their family. Your legs may not have the endurance to walk the path they’ve traveled to get their career. Your back may not heal like theirs have from being stabbed by enemies and friends in order to build the lasting relationships they now have. Your heart may not be built to take all the hurt they’ve gone through to make their marriage work. Your body may not be able to go through the many sleepless nights they’ve dealt with to overcome their addiction. Your mind and spirit may not be ready for the shifting that God has done in their life that has prepared them for this spiritual walk. You may not be ready for what you’re wishing for so be careful of the things you ask God for. “When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures. James 4:3.”


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