Daily Devotional – 2/19/14 “Stop making things harder!”

You’re trying to figure out why you’re miserable all the time, check the company you keep. (Misery does love company) Wondering why it always seems like hell is breaking loose in your home, watch who you’re inviting in. (Evil is a spirit without legs.) Can’t understand why you keep meeting doggish no good men, be careful what you call yourself (BIT$$ is a female dog, right?). You can’t comprehend why you can’t find a wife; check the places you’re looking. Can’t get promoted on the job, it may not be the job for you. Still wondering why you keep hearing no, look who you’re asking. Can’t get well, watch what you speak with your own tongue. Still can’t make ends meet, look at the end you’re starting with. You can’t comprehend why your gift isn’t being multiplied, count the number of times you’ve used it. Can’t sleep; check where you’re laying your head and who you’re sleeping with. Can’t explain why you aren’t bearing any good fruit, check whose vine you’re attached too.

See, I’ve come to the realization that we make things harder on ourselves. We can’t wait on God to move so we rush into mess. We can’t understand why folks leave so we go chasing foolishness. I mean, God closes the door and we go through the window and now we’re wondering why we are in the midst of chaos. God says no and we got the nerve to get mad at Him. Trouble comes and death walks in and we question God but if we’d study the bible more, we’d understand that both of these were promised. Yea, I get it; you’ve experienced a lot of tests but maybe you haven’t learned the lesson. You’ve been in a lot of storms but maybe you’re still dirty. Your past keeps haunting you but maybe that’s because you won’t leave that door closed. That person keeps hurting you but that’s because you keep letting them. Watch what you speak and the company you keep.


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