Daily Devotional – 2/12/14 “Enjoy this phase!”

On yesterday Pastor Aaron Letcher posted this tidbit of wisdom and I have to share it.
“The hill of maturity is one in which we speed so hurriedly to peak; but once peaked and passed prime the gravity pull towards senectitude is one we so frantically desire to slow.”

Of course in Lakisha’s common sense thinking, I had to break it down to simply say, “The hill of maturity is one in which we rush to climb but once we’ve reached and passed the highest peak; the serious pull towards getting older is one we so desperately desire to slow.” See, we rush to grow up only to grow up and act like children. We rush to move out on our own and then complain about bills. We rush to get old and then complain about the aches and pains that come along with it. We rush through every phase of our life’s journey that we never actually take the time to appreciate the scenery on the path. Yea, we’re so busy rushing our storm to end that we haven’t even noticed that it’s washing us clean. We’re so busy trying to get to the yes that you didn’t even read the fine print that’s now causing you hell. We’re so busy rushing down the marriage aisle that we don’t even include God anywhere in our plans. Yea, even worship centers are rushing through service and then wonder where the Holy Spirit is. Baby, slow down and enjoy this phase because it’ll soon end and another one begins. Please understand, a phase is defined as a period of development or a stage in a process so why are you rushing this phase of your test when you’ve yet to learn what is being taught? Slow down and enjoy this phase because it may just be the peace you need. Yea, this phase isn’t to punish you but it’s simply the process of perfecting the purpose that you possess that makes your praise powerful because you’ve been picked by God to be placed at this point and after you’ve prevailed you’ll receive that predestined promotion that God promised! So enjoy this phase of life you’re in and stop rushing to get old!


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