Daily Devotional – 2/7/14 “When will you trust God?”

You’re struggling in your marriage because the person you’re telling your business to is the one keeping up the mess when you should keep your business at home! You’re struggling on your job because your mouth keeps putting you in a place you can’t get yourself out off when you should learn to keep it shut, sometime! You say you’re worried about bills yet you’re still shopping. You claim you have problems yet you won’t turn them over to the problem solver. You got sickness and pain in your body yet you won’t turn to the healer! And yet here you are still trying to figure out what the issue is? I mean, you walk around trying to make folk think everything is great but then you’re at home drinking tears for water. You’re so busy trying to conform to this crazy world that you’re breaking the commitments you’ve made. You know the ones that say love thy neighbor, don’t kill, steal or covet thy neighbor’s spouse; etc. You’re so caught up in trying to be them that you’ve forgotten how to be you. What sense is it to have food and no appetite to eat, a bed yet you can’t sleep, a closet full of clothes with no desire to wear them and friends but you’re not friendly! When will you get yourself together? How can you be everything for everybody else and nothing to yourself?

You keep falling because your faith is failing. You’re leaning because you aren’t learning the lesson. You’re stumbling because your sight is seeking the shady stuff. You’re missing the mark because you’re magnifying minor mess. And your talent is tainted because you’re tarrying in trouble when God is asking, “Oh ye of little faith why do you doubt? When doors are shut in your face haven’t I made it for your good? When folk talk about you and your enemies come against you, haven’t I made them your footstool? When you mess you, haven’t I forgiven you over and over again? When folk are speaking death over your life, haven’t I given you a tongue that can speak life? When you can’t see your way, haven’t I been your light? When you can’t see how to make ends meet, haven’t I been your provider? When times get hard, haven’t I carried you? When folk leave, haven’t I been there? When sickness shows up, haven’t I healed you? When you’re broken, haven’t I strengthened you? Then when will you trust me?” When will you trust God like you do that chair you sit in without a second thought? When will trust God like you do people you’ve just met? Hasn’t He proven himself worthy by now?

“And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you, Psalm 9:10”


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