Daily Devotional – 1/29/14 “This place!”

There’s this song by Tamela Mann called, “This Place” and yesterday was the very first time I had ever heard it but when I tell you that it speaks exactly what my spirit wants to say … You wouldn’t even begin to understand. See, I never thought I’d be here in the place I’m in RIGHT NOW! (Y’all just don’t understand) I never thought I’d be in a place where I’d have folk say they are encouraged by me, ME! I never thought I’d be in a place where I have a devotional blog that gets new followers every day. I never thought I’d be in a place to have 2 books out which means author is now on my resume! I mean, I have folk who know my name and it’s not because I’ve done anything bad. I have folk who call me because they want to know my thoughts. I’ve had my picture on blogs I never thought I’d be on. My name has been written in places I never thought it would be. I never thought I’d be in this place but I’m so glad that I’m, me, Lakisha Dionne Rucker Johnson, called Marcy by family and friend; is in this place. I’m glad that God has seen fit for me to be in this place at this exact moment! Oh, you just don’t understand! No, I’m not perfect but I’ve been positioned with a purpose! No, I’m not faultless but I’m favored for this fight! No, I’m not spotless but I was sanctified for this status. No, I’m not innocent by any means but I was issued instructions that I intend to invest in. No, I’m not afflicted with animosity because I’ve been acquitted and accepted. Oh, in this place! These mere words can’t even begin to describe how I feel …

You, too, can get to this place because all you have to do is accept Jesus and then allow Him to lead your life. Yea, I know he said he loved you but He can’t love you like God can. Yea, I know she said she was your ride or die but she can’t protect you like God can. Yea, I know momma said she’d always be there but then death showed up but God is always there. Yea, I know folk turned their back on you but God is still here. Folk have talked about you, lied on, threw dirt on your blessings, kicked you while you’re down and even dug holes for you to fall in but in this place all that doesn’t matter. In this place there is peace not pain, healing not hurt, love not lust, faith not fear and strength not strain. In this place God gets your best because you give it. In this place you’re covered by God so your enemies can’t control you. In this place there is living to be done. Yea, you may go a lot of places but you’ve never been here in this place! In this place your worship is welcoming and your service is sincere. This place! Have you arrived there yet? Are you on your way? I can guarantee you’ll never be the same once you arrive in This Place!


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