Daily Devotional – 1/27/14 “Be grateful for the crumbs!”

I was reminded, on yesterday, of a devotional I did some time ago that was titled, “Just give me the crumbs” and for some reason it was on my mind once again. In Luke 16 beginning at the 16th verse, it talks about this rich man who lived lavishly, dressed in the finest clothes and even ate the best food yet every day he passed by this beggar name Lazarus, who was laid at the gate of his house. Now get this, Lazarus was a beggar but he only asked him for the crumbs from his table yet each time, the rich man passed him by and all Lazarus needed was a few morsels of the food they were probably throwing out to the dogs anyway yet the rich man ignored him day after day. Then one day, Lazarus and the rich man died and because the rich man had already had his reward here on earth, he was destined to hell; oh but because Lazarus was who he was, going through what he had to go through; he was destined to glory. The rich man, now, in agonizing pain in the pits of hell looks up to see Lazarus and Abraham off in the distance. He then begs Abraham to let Lazarus dip his finger in cool water so that he could cool his tongue. Yea, the same rich man who wouldn’t even give the crumbs from his table is now in need from the poor man he ignored. Isn’t that something? The rich man even asked if Lazarus could go back and warn his brothers who were living the same way yet Abraham answered in Luke 16:29, “They have Moses and the Prophets; let them listen to them.” Please don’t get it twisted, being rich or poor doesn’t finalize your flight plan in the end but it’s your heart that determines your destination.

All I am trying to get you to understand from this today is, be grateful for the crumbs you have. Even if what you have isn’t what you want, be grateful for it. Even if your checking account is low, be grateful for it. Even if your refrigerator is barely full, be grateful for it. Simply put, be grateful for your crumbs because while you are busy trying to store up everything here the bible says in, Luke 6:24, “But woe to you who are rich, for you have already received your comfort.” See, while you are so busy, down here, trying to build up your riches; you are missing the message of the Messiah. While you’re being stingy and won’t help anybody, you’re only placing stumbling blocks in your own way. While you’re being selfish with the blessings God has already given you, you’re blocking any new ones from ever being seen. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work to be debt free, have money in the bank for the things you want and need, be able to go where you want, do what you want to do but what I am saying is, don’t get to high that you start looking down at folk, walking pass folk who ask you for help or even broadcast it when you do because it’s then that you’ve decided your own fate. Being rich doesn’t make you better than the next person, your heart does. You don’t have to give your all to show God that you’re worthy but sometimes all someone needs is the crumbs that you’re about to throw away anyhow because although the crumbs may not be much to you, they are a whole lot more to someone who receives them. Be grateful for the crumbs!


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