Daily Devotional – 1/20/14 “What’s your malfunction?”

It’s Monday and someone is still mumbling over mess from last Monday. You’re mad over meaningless stuff that really shouldn’t matter; you’re up in the middle of the night mourning over a relationship that wasn’t meant for you anyway, you’re allowing yourself to be a mister or a mistress to someone when you ought to be mending your marriage and your mind is on how many people can mention you on Twitter when you should be mindful of the miracles of our Messiah. Yea, you’re just a mess and then you got the nerve to be miserable! God isn’t mistreating you, you’re missing His message. God isn’t multiplying your misfortune; you’re simply mingling with the wrong men. Yea, it could be the ministry you’re mixing with but then again it could be the messengers in your midst. So what if folk are making fun of you or mocking God’s meaning of your life; you remain meek because Matthew 5:5 says, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth!” Get up out of your materialistic mindset and manage the money you make. Let go of mistakes you’ve already made and enjoy the miracle of the moment. Release all of the mess that’s masking (hiding) the marvelous mission God is trying to manifest in your life. Stop following the media and meditate. It’s no secret that God can multiply miracles, move mountains, maximize what we see as minor things, minimize what we see as major things, turn mistakes into missions, mess into messages, midlife crisis into ministries and mischievous meddlers into missionaries so what’s your malfunction?


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