Daily Devotional – 1/4/14 “I’m in labor!”

I’m feeling some type of way this morning. I got this stirring in my spirit that won’t leave me alone. The kind that makes me want to scream out like I’m in pain but it’s because my purpose is being made on the inside of me. I want to cry out like I’m hurting but it’s to let you know that you can’t hinder the process of God working. I want to tell somebody but I can’t explain it so you’ll have to wait until I testify. Yea, this fire I feel is God preparing my blessing until it can be birthed.

Oh, it’s like the creation of a baby in the mothers womb but this time God’s purpose for me is meeting with the expectancy He has for me to form my blessing. It’s been growing on the inside of me for some time now and I feel myself going into labor. Yea, the tears I want to cry is my water breaking, the pain I should be feeling is this praise break I want to have and the stretch marks I should have is the shouting I’m about to do. Baby, I’m in labor getting ready to birth a blessing like none other. Yea, I’m getting ready to push out my purpose, deliver my destiny, nurse my networth, feed my future and raise my reward. So, excuse me if I don’t look the same when you see me again. Forgive me if I don’t act the same when you see me out. No, don’t say I’m bougie when you call and I don’t go the same places or do the same thing because after I’ve labored, I’ll have a whole new outlook.


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