Daily Devotional – 12/30/13 “That’s enough!”

Yea, it’s one of those mornings where I don’t really have a topic to write about and if the truth shall be revealed, I don’t feel like writing but who am I? Since leaving church on yesterday I’ve been in this funk because it blows my mind that folk will get up on a Sunday morning, get dressed, drive to church only to get there and not have church. I mean, how can you honestly sit on your praises when God has kept all His promises? How can you be ashamed to shout when it was God that you sought? How can you not give Him thanks even in the midst of your storm when He’s been the one keeping you safe from harm? Yea, I know that your enemies seem to have you surrounded but they haven’t stopped you yet. Your checking account is in the negative but it’s not closed. Your bills are behind and you still have a month before tax time but don’t you still have a roof over your head, lights and running water? Didn’t you wake up, in your right mind, with a reasonable portion of strength, with a little food to eat or the means to get it and the ability to check Facebook or email which means either your phone bill or your internet is still on? Then why are you mad at God? Why are you questioning Him? He wasn’t the one that told you to get out there and accumulate all those bills, you did that on your own yet God is keeping you. You’re mad because folk keep talking about, lying on, throwing rocks and hiding their hands and wishing bad over your life yet everything they’ve tried hasn’t worked because God says, although their weapons are formed against you, they won’t prosper.

Ok, so you’re wondering why you have to be the one who’s sick but baby can’t just anybody rock a bald head from chemo or that scar from surgery. Everybody can’t handle the pain, medicine or dialysis. Everybody can’t overcome drug or alcohol addiction. Can’t the average person testify on how God raised from your sick bed when you should have been buried in that dusty grave, how that bullet should have blown your brains out but it grazed you instead, how that car should have claimed your life but it left you with only bruises from the seatbelt, how that abusive husband should have snatched your life but instead he made you strong for the husband that God was waiting on you to see or how that job thought they had defeated you when they said no but they were simply moving out the way for your career. Maybe, no scratch that, you’re going through whatever it is you’re facing simply because it’s meant for you. You need to know at this very moment that you’re greater than whatever is against you because you shall live and not die, prosper instead of perish, overcome instead of being overthrown and be victorious and not a victim and you will win and not lose! How do I know? I’ve been promised by a King and that’s enough.


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