Daily Devotional – 12/27/13 “But God!”

Have you ever had a “but God” moment? A moment when you realized that no one could have brought you out the situation that you were in or fixed a problem that you were having but God? See, but is a word that is used in the middle or the beginning of a sentence to introduce something that is true even though it is different to what was just said. You know when your teenager asks if they can borrow your car and you say “Yes, but not now.” Or when you ask God if He can give you this and He answers, “Yes, but not now.” See, when God places but at the end of the sentence it has more of a profound effect and He’s simply saying yes BUT in my time. Yes, I’ll heal you but in my time. Yes, I’ll deliver you but in my time. Yes, I’ll fix what you’ve messed up but in my time. Yea, you’ll get that promotion but in my time. Yea, I make your enemies your footstool but in my time. I’ll even move your mountain but in my time.

Oh, you know that when you were in the world doing any and everything that you were bad enough to do; it was God that kept you. When you were drinking out of other folks bottles and passing cigarettes around from person to person, it was God that kept you from diseases. When you were sleeping with any and everybody, God kept you from STDs and HIV. When you sit back and think about some of the things you use to do and realize that you shouldn’t be alive that’s your but God moment. When that heart attack or stroke should have claimed your life, God is saying I’m only laying you on your back but I’ll soon raise you. When man said no, God is saying, you thought that was for you but I have something greater. When folks scandalize your name, God is saying they can talk but I have the last say. Folk said you wouldn’t amount to nothing but God is saying they may think that now but watch me work. When the doctor said cancer, chemo, dialysis, radiation or surgery; God is saying, this is what you have to go through but I’m simply cleaning you up. Yea, when you keep trying to figure out how you manage to make the ends meet with the amount of money you’re bringing home; God is saying, you may not have much but such as I have I’ll give unto you. When your gas light is on and payday is tomorrow, God is saying, don’t focus on that light but focus on me. When your husband or wife left and you didn’t think the hurt would heal, God is saying, it may hurt now but your heart I’ll mend. Oh, I’m going to leave this alone but somebody needed to know that no matter what you’re facing at this very moment, you’re not alone because when all the friends are gone, phone isn’t vibrating anymore, the house is quiet; God is saying, you may not see me but I’m here, you may not hear me but I’m talking and you may not feel me but my arms are holding you tight. When it’s all said and done, it’s but God!

“The wicked band together against the righteous and condemn the innocent to death But the LORD has become my fortress, and my God the rock in whom I take refuge.” Psalm 94:21-22<


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