Daily Devotional – 12/11/13 “Keep going!”

In the game of Monopoly, you start at GO and in order to get back to GO you have to go the full circle of the board. Now, in the midst of going the circle you may land on a property that you can purchase, community chest, chance or maybe even jail but then you reach GO again and this time when you pass, you are rewarded with a $200 bonus. Now, in someone’s eyes this may just make that circle you have to go around worth it; you know to be rewarded in the end. Well, in my every day studying of God’s word, I’ve found this Christian journey to be almost the same. Yea, go with me for a moment. See, walking this path we have to endure and go through stuff just like the things on the monopoly board in order to insure that we reach GO again. We’ll pass over railroad tracks called haters which may end up costing us, we may land on other folk’s properties (by being in other folk’s business) and end up paying a price, we may land on chance or community chest and pull a card that might end in our favor or maybe not, we might end up in jail or sometimes our feet will land in a place where we’ll be able to buy our own land and reap the benefits, if we use our money wisely. Oh but then we land on GO again and God rewards us for our faithfulness because we endured through it all to make the full circle and now we stand with our head held up ready to go again. Yea, we stand at GO ready to reap our reward because although we’ve been hated on we weren’t hindered; had to pay a fine but we kept the faith, made some mistakes but we repented and maintained and every time we pass GO we receive an extra blessing in your bucket. Isn’t that good news?

Yes, I know the journey may get a little hard, giving up may look easier, sickness maybe getting you down, you’re sick of short paying the electric bill to pay rent, tired of wearing the same pair of jeans, tired of being broke on pay day, tired of hearing it’ll get better, tired of death coming into your family, tired of watching the news that’s only bad news, tired of folk posting all of their business on Facebook and just plain ole tired of being tired and sick of being sick but keep going. Yea, keep pushing, walking, rolling and grinding because it’ll pay off! For Colossians 3:23-24 says “Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.”

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