Daily Devotional – 12/10/13 “Try God!”

When I started to write the devotional for today, I didn’t have a specific topic in mind. If I must be honest with you, I really didn’t feel like writing one because my sinuses got me feeling some type of way but it’s not about me. Yea, I know that I could have skipped today but what if God skipped a day of sending me His fresh anointing? It’s not about me. So, I just stopped long enough to tell you that no matter what you’re facing, going through, just came out of, got away from, need to get away from, running from or whatever have you bound; God is able to fix it for you. Yea, I know that you’ve called on Him and it seems like He isn’t hearing your pleas, but He is. It seems like every time you get your head above water, something comes along to pull you back down but just hold on. It seems like every time you reach for a glass for water, your tears are filling it but just don’t give up. Yea, your parents may be gone; sister is doing you wrong because of jealousy; brother is hindering you instead of helping; church folks pushing you instead of praying for you; folks on the job is throwing rocks and hiding their hands but God hasn’t changed. So just wait, don’t give up or give in! I know that Christmas is coming and you can’t see a way to get the kids what they won’t but it isn’t the end. Do what you can and allow God to do the rest. Yea, just maybe if you made God your habit like you do those cigarettes or that coke, you’d see a change. If you keep God with you like you do your badge for work, car keys or lighter; you may just get what you need. Stop treating God like He’s only in for a season because you might just need Him in the off season. All I am saying is keep God with you because He’s better than bread, He won’t mold; He’s better than milk, He won’t spoil; He’s better than insurance, He won’t drop your coverage or lapse: He’s better than the sun, He never goes down, He’s better than the moon because He doesn’t have to wait until nightfall to show Himself and He’s much better than so called friends because he won’t stab you in the back. Child, get some God in your life and you’ll be glad you did! I decree on today that nothing, absolutely nothing is bigger than your destiny and your purpose and I declare victory over the battles that you have to fight! Try God because He never loses! Try God because He never leaves. Try God because He’s just that good.


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