Daily Devotional – 12/4/13 “Churchin yourself to hell!”

Yea, I know that you’re asking how you can church yourself to hell; well I’m going to tell you. First, let me define “churchin,” in my terms. Churchin is the time, energy and resources you put into serving God. If you’re at the church every time the doors open but you raise more hell than the devil, you’re churchin yourself to hell. If you are teaching Sunday school yet you’re too holy to practice what you teach, you’re churchin yourself to hell. If you keep saying, “God knows my heart” to account for your sins instead of repenting, you’re churchin yourself to hell. If you’re standing at the altar wishing bad over folk’s life while the preacher is praying, you’re churchin yourself to hell. If your only reason for going to church is to see the mistakes the Pastor makes instead of the message, you’re churchin yourself to hell. Oh and if you think you can’t be sent to Hell, then may I suggest you re-read your bible because if God will banish the angels who sinned then surely you can be too (2 Peter 2:4). Now, let me tell you this … Hell wasn’t made for us because Matthew 25:41 says “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels,” but this doesn’t mean we can’t go. See, if we are living and doing the exact same thing the devil and his angels are doing; what does that make us? If we set out to intentionally hurt folk, misuse and abuse, tear them down, knock them down and then kick them, hate and stay angry; aren’t we as equally guilty as the devil? And no, the devil doesn’t have to have you on his payroll to work for him because if you’re doing all these things as a so called Christian then you’re working for him but for free.

All I’m saying is get back to God! Get back to churchin the right way. Praise God during the good and bad times. Give like you should and help when you know you could. Love more and show hate the door. Pray for people and allow the Holy Spirit to live in you deeper. Show God’s light and let him win the fight. Be a blessing and stop stressing. Share mercy and grace instead of being two faced. Stop with the pity we see and do away with the woe is me. Use your gifts and watch your atmosphere shift. Yea, get back to churchin where the praise is real and not just a thrill. Get back to churchin where you leave renewed, your spirit on fire and not only was it the Pastor but it also came from the choir. Get back to churchin so you’ll have a story to tell and stop with the churchin that’ll send your soul to hell.


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