Daily Devotional – 11/5/13 “There’s still time!”

I just happened to look back at my devotional for the same date on last year and would you believe it’s still relevant right now. On 11/5/12 my devotional was entitled “You still got time” and the year before on 11/5/11, it was “What’s blocking your path” and still today I ask, what’s blocking your path because you still got time! Time to live instead of acting like you’re dead, time to serve God instead of man, time to go right instead of always choosing left and time to move to get what’s yours. Isn’t that something? I mean with all the things that are happening in this crazy world from folks getting mad at being laid off to come back and shoot people, folks walking into schools and killing children, cancer is on the rise, bullying is taking over not only in schools but on jobs too, health care cost steady going up and paychecks are going down, saints are hiding and sinners are out in the open, family hating on one another and friends are becoming enemies.. I mean, what is really going on? Church has become a business for profit instead of being in the business of praise and then those who are in the church raise more hell than the ones outside the church. We want to blame the preacher for all the problems when you need to realize that your salvation depends on you. See, the pastor is responsible for teaching God’s word but you have a responsibility to study it. How can you honestly know if what the folk who stand behind the pulpit on Sunday is saying is true unless you open your bible? And how can you pass any test without first studying to take it?

Stop blaming others and please stop blaming things for you not getting what or where you need to be. Ok, so what if there is something blocking your path? Either you move it or you go around but don’t just sit there. If you know the interstate will be closed for the next hour, are you going to sit there or find an alternative route? Then why are you allowing an obstacle to stop you? Yea, I get it; it’s hard, you’re tired of trying, you’re tired of being turned down, you’re tired of getting nothing you ask for; so what? Oh, you’re going to give up but then what purpose would that serve? If whatever you’re standing in front of isn’t helping you, you may want to change what or who you’re looking at. All I am saying is; you need to stop playing with God before your time runs out. While you’re spending all your time trying to get yourself together, your time may just be too far spent before you’re able too. Baby, God doesn’t choose you to do His will because you are perfect but He chooses you with your flaws because those are perfect for the job He needs to fill. Don’t you know that if God waited on perfect folk, His will would never get done because NONE of us are perfect? Why don’t you allow God to clean you up because once He does, all the stuff folk throw at you won’t dirty your spirit although it might stain your clothes. The next moment of your life is not guaranteed, so stop waiting! Live YOUR life and stop blaming it on the obstacle instead choose a way to make it obsolete.


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