Daily Devotional – 10/28/13 “Null & Void”

Oh, I know you think that because you are having it hard right now that you won’t make it. You’re probably thinking that God has forgotten about you, that you’ve had to have done some things wrong to be punished like this or that you aren’t walking right in order for God to allow this sickness to take you down like this but I simply stop by to tell you to push on. Yes, the devil may have a part in the hell you’re going through but it won’t last. Those enemies you have maybe throwing stones at you to make you fall but they won’t succeed. Those folks you thought were friends but recently showed you otherwise, their attacks won’t prosper. How do I know? Well, because that contract the devil has placed on your life trying to destroy you has been voided. That bounty the enemy has placed on your life to bind you in your circumstance is no longer valid. That price you think you have to pay to so-called friends in order for them to be friendly is null now. Yea, everything that is meant for your bad is no longer valid because God has stamped it as NULL & VOID! So, you can stop ducking and hiding because God is your protection. You can stop allowing yourself to be used because all you have to do is show yourself friendly and true friends will come. You don’t even have to worry about the enemies that have surrounded you because it says in Psalm 23:5, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” Isn’t that good news? God doesn’t wait until your enemies have left but He prepares your table of blessings, breakthroughs and deliverance while they are still in your midst. He allows them to see your dish of deliverance, your plate of prosperity and your heaping order of healing. So stop running because the devil’s contract is void. Stop hiding because the order he sent out doesn’t matter now. Stop looking over your shoulder because God has your back, front, side, top and bottom! And when God has you, there isn’t anything or anyone who can do you any harm. Stop wallowing in your own pity party and get your praise on. Stop crying yourself to sleep and rest. Stop pacing and pray. Stop living like you’re dead and live because you are alive. Yea, the enemy will continue to write contracts on your life because you hinder him when you work but it won’t last. The enemy will even continue to place a bounty on your name because God has called it but he won’t succeed. God is the ultimate contract negotiator and He negotiates for His people every day (as long as you hold up your end of the contract) and when He cancels, voids or annuls any contract; it’s done!


One thought on “Daily Devotional – 10/28/13 “Null & Void”

  1. Amen sus what the devil meant for bad GOD meant it for Good, speak Kisha continue to be used by GOD u definelty serve a promising purpose through ur many words of Encouragement. God bless u and urs! Another prophetic word……..

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