Daily Devotional – 10/24/13 “3rd day of prayer – Prayer for Men”

God, my Heavenly Father, it is me once again petitioning your throne in prayer. God, as I come to you I must first thank you for another day of your anointing, another opportunity to walk on top of the ground, another chance to repent, another moment to live, another minute to love and another second to do what you have destined me to do. God, I thank you for the Holy Spirit who abides in me and intercedes on my behalf. Now, God, I’ve come before your fountain asking a special prayer for the refilling of our men, those whose cup of hope is running low, whose bottle of joy is almost empty, whose jug of happiness seems to have a hole and whose bucket of living seems to be leaking. God, I ask a special prayer for the Ministers, Reverends, Preachers, Bishops and all those who proclaim your word because they are being attacked on every side. God, they are under attack by the sheep they lead, they are under attack from enemies who try to tear them down, they are under attack by others who are supposed to share the same belief and they are even under attack in their own home; they need your touch now. God, there’s a daddy who is being drug through hell in court although he is doing his best. There is a brother being misused all because he works hard and now his family won’t even treat him right. There is a son being bullied by his peers and too afraid to say anything but God I need you to step in and stop the attack on their life. For the boy or man who is thinking suicide is the answer, show them that it’s not. For the man who is dealing with prostate, colon, breast or any other cancer; diabetes, heart disease, effects from a stroke, arthritis, migraines, high or low blood pressure or any other condition; send healing, if it’s your will. For the one who feels less than a man because he is struggling to provide, make a way for him. For the one who is fighting a demon of being abusive, an alcoholic or drug addicted; cast it out of him right now. For the one who is fighting with the mistakes of his past that are now hindering his present; show him in your word where you say that past things are put away all things are made new if they trust in you. For the one that keeps taking the abuse from the woman who is supposed to love him, give him the strength to walk away. For the one who can’t find a job no matter where he looks, open a new door for him. For the one who is ashamed to go to church, change his heart. For the one who doesn’t believe in you God, convict him now so that he may see the good in you. For the one too proud to ask for help, send the help he needs without him even asking. For the one who needs comforting, wrap your arms around him. For the one who can’t see for the tears, dry them now. For the one dealing with the death of a loved one, send him hope that it’ll be alright. God, I ask you to bless and protect the principal, teacher, guidance counselor, police officer, fireman, doctor, nurse, lawyer, executive, bus driver, cab driver, pilot and any other position held. Go into the prison walls and touch the men that are confined there. Go into the hospitals and touch the ones confined to their bed of affliction. Go into the homes and touch the men with strength so that they can be the head you’ve made them. Go into the alleys and touch the homeless and cover them with your protection. God, I need you to help, heal, restore, renew, break the chains, release strongholds, cast out demons and block any attack that our men face. Do it now God for our men because you’ve made them the head. Do it now for our sons who are supposed to carry the legacy. Do it now for our brothers who may have to step in. Do it God like I know and believe you can. In your name, I submit this prayer. Amen


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