Daily Devotional – 10/23/13 “4th day of prayer – Prayer for women”

Our Father in Heaven holy is thy name and let your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. God, as I come petitioning your throne this morning, I must again thank you. Thank you for allowing these eyes of mine to open and for them to see all the things you gave me back from yesterday with added mercies from today. God, I thank you for a regulated mind, for strengthened limbs, for family who is doing alright, for a job that’s sustaining, for a car that’s holding on and for friends who actually act like friends. God I thank you simply because you are worthy to be thanked. Now, God I come to you on behalf of women today who need your strength to survive on, your grace to go on, your mercy to maintain, your guidance to guide others, your peace to pass on and your joy on their journey. God, there’s a mother reading this who is in pain, one wondering how to make ends meet to feed her children, one praying for healing of her sick child, one who is trying to provide but the days are getting harder and the nights longer, one who is on the verge of giving up and tired of hearing hold on, one who is searching for a job and still being told no, one who is praying for her child who is in jail, one whose child didn’t come home, one whose child is on drugs and one who just doesn’t know what to do anymore; I need you to see about her now. God, for that mother who is preparing to lay her only child to rest, comfort her. For that daughter who is taking care of her ailing parent, strengthen her. For that sister who is providing for their siblings, provide for her. For that preacher’s wife who feels alone yet trying to be strong, be a company keeper. For that woman who is trying to run a business, trying to get promoted on her job, trying to make it in this man’s world; guide them now. For that wife or girlfriend who is being abused, open her eyes to see the way out you’ve already made and then take it. For that girl who is bullying someone else, open her ears so that she may hear her wrongdoing. For the girl who is being bullied, give her courage to run and tell. For that girl/woman who is contemplating suicide, send someone to them now. For that woman dealing with cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, lupus, MS, high blood pressure, sickle cell, fibroids, blood disease, strokes, migraines and any other condition; send healing. For the woman who is trying to carry her baby to term, protect them both now. For my sister who is suffering with Trigeminal Neuralgia, send her healing now. For the woman who has to be the head of her house, the provider, the nurse to the children, the cook, driver, homework helper, punishment giver and personal shopper; give her what she needs to carry on. For that principal, teacher, teacher assistant and guidance counselors; give them the knowledge they need to help our children. For the woman who doesn’t feel loved, increase her self-confidence so that she may first love herself. For the minister, evangelist, prophetess, preacher, missionary and all those who proclaim your word to your people; continually to increase your wisdom in them so that they don’t lead your people astray. God, for every woman reading this I ask you to be all they need. Be the light on their dark path, the joy in their sorrow and their hope for today and tomorrow. Touch them, oh God, so that everything they touch that is in your name is bountifully blessed from their health to their finances. Do it God for the women on today. Do it now because I ask in your name. Continue to bless us God and continue to make us stronger on our Christian walk. These blessings I ask and this prayer I submit in your name. Amen


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