Daily Devotional – 10/21/13 “5 Days of Prayer”

Our Heavenly Father, you whose name is sweet, whose name is healing, whose name brings joy; as I come petitioning your throne this morning I must first thank you. God, I thank you for giving us another opportunity to see daylight, another chance to breath, another chance to do what is right, another chance to live, another chance to defeat the enemy and another chance to praise you. God, I thank you because you’ve allowed our minds to be regulated, our limbs to be strengthened, our hands to find work, our mouth to find words, our heart to beat, veins to pump blood, feet to walk, our spine intact so that we stand up to face the world, our shoulders strong enough to carry the burdens and our knees to bend to pray. God, I thank you for being who you are even though sometimes we act like we don’t know you. Now, Father, I come on behalf of the weary, the sick, the broken spirited, the helpless, the abused, the backsliders, the confused and those who want to give up. God, I come on their behalf praying for your guidance, your help and your healing. Someone has been dealing with something that has them on the verge of suicide even though they look strong; I need you to wrap your arms around them. Someone is about to let go of that rope they’ve been trying so hard to hold on too, give them a safe place to land. Someone is tired of pacing in the hallway after another door has been shut; give them patience to hold out. Someone is tired of going without and is about to do some things they can’t take back; speak to them now. Someone is drowning in debt and tired of fighting the waves to come up for air; be their life jacket. Someone’s heart has been broken so many times and hate is taking over; take it out and fill it with love. Oh God, I need you to mend what is broken, remove what is blocking, take away what is hindering, bind what is trying to destroy and loosen chains. God, I need; we need you and we need you like never before. God, strengthen that mother and father who has buried yet another child. Heal that person that traditional medicine has failed. Snatch the taste of drugs and alcohol from the mouth of those who are addicted. Provide a way for the child who had to step in for their younger siblings. Turn it around for that person who has been hurt by church folk so they won’t give up. Protect our children who are being bullied, abused and attacked. Remove the anger from the hearts, minds and hands of those who abuse. Protect the families who are trying so hard to make it but everyday seems to get harder. Father, I need you to do it now. Do it now like I know you can. Make victims victorious, wanderers into worshippers, drug addicts into devoted advocates, liars into laborers, hypocrites honorable, the battered beautiful, the fallen fearful fighters and the abused abundant. God, do now for your people like only you can. It is this prayer I submit to you, in your name like it is already done. Amen


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