Daily Devotional – 10/15/13 “I wonder…”

I wonder how much better you’d be if you prayed for me as much as you talked about me? I wonder how many more blessings you’d receive if you would help me instead of always hurting me? I wonder how many more doors you’ll close because you’d rather tear me down instead of building me up. I wonder how many more times you’ll sacrifice your gift because you choose to talk about mine? I wonder how many more days you’ll hinder your life because you’re wishing bad over mine? I just wonder! I mean you always got your mouth on everybody else when you should be talking to God. Don’t you know that John 13:34 says “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” Then why is this so hard? When you hear folk gossiping about me, pray for them! Yea, I said pray for them because I don’t mind them speaking my name. When you see folk struggling, be there for them instead of ignoring their call. When you see folk wandering lost and having a hard time finding their way, guide them instead of turning your head. When you see folk crying and hurting, love them instead of laughing. When you see folk hungry and cold, feed and clothe them instead of posting it on Facebook.

Baby, this walk is hard enough without having to fight off or with folks who are supposed to prop you up when you lean, wrap their arms around you when you need comforting and encourage you when all hope is slipping away. Oh, but you find happiness in other folk’s hurt, pleasure in their pain, delight in their dilemma and enjoyment in their enduring. Yea, you smile while they’re in their storm, laugh when they lose and rejoice when they run. However, remember this … Your time is coming! And I wonder how you will be when your storm begins. I wonder how you’ll be when your sick time shows up. I wonder how you’ll be when your journey becomes jacked up, your eyesight blurred with tears, your smile is no longer showing, your circumstance becomes common and your knock down becomes known. I just wonder how you’ll be.


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