Daily Devotional – 9/28/13 – Pray even on Saturday

Our Father in Heaven, holy is thy name. God, I come petitioning your throne on a Saturday morning because someone is standing in the need of prayer. Maybe it’s me Lord in need but I come to you praying for that person who paced all night long with their body wracking with pain, for the sleepless mother who wept over the body of their child, for the son or daughter who is laying their parent to rest this morning, for the pastor who has to eulogized yet another member, for the drug addict who was on the verge of overdosing, the alcoholic who almost killed somebody last night, for the wife who is being abused, the child whose being molested, for the family without a place to stay, the child with no food and no help, the father who is contemplating suicide because he can’t provide for his family and the mother who is depressed because she lost her job months ago. God, I’m praying for the healing of the person dealing with any kind of sickness, cancer, chemo, dialysis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, sickle cell, Trigeminal Neuralgia, heart disease, blood pressure, lupus, prostate cancer or colon cancer. God, I’m praying for those who had a difficult week or even month. I’m praying for those who keep smiling despite the tears that’s filling their eyes. I’m praying for those who always encourage because even they need encouragement sometime. Oh God, somebody is at their wits end and is about to give up, throw in the towel, turn around and go back but I know you’re able to see about them. God, patch the hole in the boat they’re drowning in, give them rest so they can finally get a good night’s sleep, let the call come today with the yes for the job, let the approval come today for the loan they need and let them wake up tomorrow renewed with a mind to go worship with you. God, I ask you to do it now like only you can. Do it now like only you can. Do it right now like only you can because I know you’re a Man of your word and you said you’ll come if I ask so I ask these things of you. Do it Father. In your name I pray. Amen!


One thought on “Daily Devotional – 9/28/13 – Pray even on Saturday

  1. Today I will continue to believe that God takes terrible situations and turns them into good. ASK: Ask and it shall be given, Seek and ye shall find, Knock and the door will be opened in JESUS name, Amen. GOD bless u Kisha!

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