Daily Devotional – 9/3/13 “Usher in!”

I touched on this a little on Sunday but it has been stirring in my spirit. See, usher doesn’t only mean the people standing at the door at church but usher, in this text means to escort or guide. Let me break this thang down to you… Instead of being down and having a pity party, I choose to usher (that’s escort in) the Holy Spirit who intercedes (that means speaks for me) on my behalf. Instead of thinking about the sickness in my body, I usher in (that’s invite) the healing that God has for me. Instead of wallowing in the fact that I’ve been laid off, I’ll usher in God (that means He’ll accompany me) who’ll go before me to speak on my behalf. Yea, instead of hiding from my enemies, I’ll usher, that means to show them in, into my area in order for them to see me being blessed. Oh, don’t you know that God will bless you in front of the folks who mean you no good? Don’t you know that God will enlarge your territory in front of the folks who have hated on you all your life? Don’t you know that God will do exactly what He said He would in the face of all those who have dug a hole for you to fall in? This is why Psalm 23:5 says, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”

So, I’ll share this again. Instead of inviting sickness and disease, usher in healing! Instead of opening the door to what could have happened, usher in the things you’ve asked for as if they’ve already been given! Usher in deliverance instead of trembling in defeat. Usher in praise instead of being trapped in pain. Usher in your breakthrough instead of acting like you’re broken. Usher in victory instead of claiming you’re the victim. I don’t know about you but I’m ushering in the anointing because I can feel it being rained down. I’m ushering in a shout because I can hear the chains dropping and the breath being released from those that have been patiently waiting on God and He has finally said yes! I hear the hand clapping of those who have been healed and the doctor is mystified! I can hear the shouting of those who have just been promoted and the qualifications weren’t on paper! I can hear the praise of those who are dancing in their storm. I can hear your testimony being written and you’re still taking the test. I can see your glory even though you haven’t shared the story. Oh God! I can feel the weight being lifted because you’ve given it over to God. I can see the scars being healed and the tears being dried. I can see your rope being dropped to lift you back up. I can feel the presence of God simply because you’ve ushered (invited) Him in.


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