Daily Devotional – 9/1/13 “Ushering in!”

It’s Sunday morning and I’m headed to church already in worship mode because I’ve realized that praise is the way I thank God for all He’s done. So, right now I’m ushering in (that’s showing in) the Holy Spirit! Yea, I’m ushering in healing! I’m ushering in those things in which I’ve spoken! I’m ushering in that anointing because I can feel it being rained down. I hear those chains dropping and the breath being released from those that have been patiently waiting on God and He has finally said yes! I hear the hand clapping of those who have been healed and the doctor is mystified! I can hear the shouting of those who have just been promoted and the qualifications weren’t on paper! I feel this fire in my bones that’s waiting to come out! Oh God!

I’m just thankful! Thankful because even though I don’t have the spirit of shouting, I can sing my praise. Even though I don’t have the spirit of dancing my praise, I’m devoted. Even in the midst of my wrong, God still writes my name. In the midst of my mess, God gives me a message. In the midst of my sin, God saves me. In the midst of my lies, God gives me life. In the midst of gossiping, God gives me His grace. In the midst of mistakes and misery, He gives me His mercy. In the midst of pain, pressures and problems, God gives me a praise. In the midst of my journey that’s sometimes jacked up with junk, God gives me jubilated joy. In the midst of crying, God gives me courage. In the midst of temptations, troubles, transgressions and traps; God touches me and deems me trustworthy. Yea, I’m yet thankful because you could have been headed to my funeral. You could pass me on the street begging for change, visit me in prison or rehab or see my face on a missing poster. Yet, here am I! A filthy rag that’s been dipped in God’s blood, cleaned from all my iniquities (even those from yesterday), shook out to shake off the stuff you thought would sabotage me, scars healed, brokenness mended, hope refilled, debts settled, mind regulated, tears dried, legs strengthened, hands stronger, eyes sharper and mouth renewed in order to become just who God had already made me. Oh! Look at me looking like I’m looking! A saint who sometimes sin yet repentance saves me! A person who isn’t perfect by man’s standard but I was purposely chosen and I met God’s requirements. Look at me! A turned up Christian with a testimony, testifying to tell you I’m thankful! Yea, I’m turned up; turn down for what when God never turns me down!


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