Daily Devotional – 8/21/13 “Alphabet Lesson!”

I had to stop by, today, to let you know that every time you go through something; there is something greater that shall, not should, but shall come afterwards. See, 2 Timothy 2:12-13 says, “If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us: Our faith may fail, his never wanes- That’s who he is, he cannot change!” Now, wanes in the previous scripture means fades or vanishes so this is simply saying, even when your faith fails, God’s never fades. Isn’t that amazing? This is why I had to tell you, by walking you through the alphabet, that even when you go through, just hold on because afterwards there shall be a reward, if you don’t give up, give in; if you don’t sow in the world’s fields, listen to gossiping friends and messy church folk but if you hold on and endure you shall reap a reward that man’s hands can’t touch.

See, in life you have to deal with folks who accuse you of doing wrong even when you’re not, you have to deal with your adversary (enemy) who is trying to tear you down on every side and even agony in your body but then when it’s over you come through your battle because God has allowed you to beat the enemy this time and with more blessings than you can measure. Yea, I know you got the call that cancer was in your body or the devil tried to hold you captive but God says, hold on because I’m carrying you out of what you’ve been cast in, I’m changing your circumstances and I’m clearing the clouds so that you will no longer be consumed. That danger and that darkness the devil ditched you in to discourage you, don’t worry because I’ve got a door opened for you that’ll give you back double what you’ve lost. God is saying, it won’t be easy all the time but if you embrace me; I’ll fill the empty places and enlarge your territory in due time and exceed your expectations. Even if you fall be faithful and your fears shall be few and I will not forsake you. Yea, I know you gave your all and all you got back was grief but God says I’ll guide you through your heartache and your hurting times and I’ll increase your inheritance and your joy. Even with the world judging you, I’ll justify your actions and keep you from being knocked down while you labor, stop you from leaning when your legs want to give out, maintain your mind when misery tries to mock you and move your murmuring so that nothing overshadows your praise. Ok, it seems like your prayers aren’t being answered, you can’t get promoted which means you’re not prospering, you can’t find your purpose and you’ve stopped pursuing your goals but don’t you know that you need to get in a quiet place to talk to God and quit running from His safety? Yea, it seems like you keep getting setup but you’re being shaped into who you should be and your soul is being filled with the Holy Spirit which makes you steady when it feels like you’re sinking and gives you strength when it feels like you’re stumbling. Yea, that ole devil may have taken some things from your life but that’s just the tribulations and trouble that God promised but it’s not meant to make you an unbeliever but it’s to make you understand that God is unmovable and that He can make you victorious in your weeping, wise during your woes and wonderful in your works. God can take YOU and your zeal (that’s passion) for Him and make your life a blessing zone!

Yea, I just had to take you through the alphabet to let you know that no matter what you go through, there is always something greater coming afterwards! So don’t give up, don’t give in, don’t allow your faith to waver and your work, on God’s side, to be few; don’t allow the world to change you and don’t allow yourself to change just because you’ve been hurt, misused or abused. Hold on! God never changes and although you’ve changed more times than you can count, change for God this last time and allow Him to do the rest!


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