Daily Devotional – 8/20/13 “Turbulence during Transition”

I don’t normally log into Facebook until after I’ve done my devotional but on this morning I did and I just happened to see a post from my spiritual sister, who I call my Tag Team Ministry Partner. Now, anybody that knows us know that most time we are on the same accord, spiritually, even though we are seldom in the same room. We can be encouraging each other, with the exact same topic, at the same time without even knowing it but you know what, God does! See, her status simply said, “One will always face TURBULENCE during TRANSITION, but oh my God, the TESTIMONY that comes forth, once you arrive at your point of TRIUMPH. I Peter 4:12-13.” Let me make this point clear, I had no idea what my devotional would be on this morning until this! So, I whispered, “God, use me to do your will,” so here goes!

Many times, as Christians we think, no we expect our journey through this thing call life to be easy. We expect God to show up as soon as we finish confessing our belief in Him even though we’ve yet to show Him why we are confessing. We expect the journey to not have bumps, expect to always find a bridge over our troubles and always expect a rope to be hanging down into the valley that we’ve fallen in. However, when will you realize that in order to truly appreciate the triumph after your test; you will have to first ride through the turbulence? Yea, if the ride out of the mess you’re in is easy, you might just continue to get into that mess but if you have to struggle to stand after you’ve fallen, climb back up the mountain after you’ve slid down, start over after you’ve been pushed to the back of the line or find another door to knock on after many have been closed in your face; you will appreciate the victory once it comes. Let me break this thang down! A butterfly is created from an egg (like we are), it is then born as a baby caterpillar at which point all it does is eat in order to grow (like babies, which we once were) and then the caterpillar goes through a metamorphosis stage in which it is wrapped in this hard shell called a chrysalis (you know those teenage, early adult years when you think you can do anything). During this stage the outside shell looks the same but the work, the changes are being made on the inside (You’ll get that in a minute) and then once it has done completing the transformation on the inside, the butterfly begins to come out of its shell and as it does, it struggles. Now, the struggle is real and hard but it has to happen because while the butterfly is struggling, it is pumping the necessary blood into its wings that they need in order to be strong enough to fly. You get it? You have to struggle in order to pump the necessary things you need into your life that will help you fly above all the things that are trying to keep you down. Yea, when you’ve experienced turbulence during your transition from trouble to tranquility, you’ll be thankful for the peace. After you’ve experienced turbulence during your transition from toiling to testifying, you’ll be grateful for the test. After you’ve experienced turbulence during your transition from terrible trials, terrifying terror and traumatizing things you’ll be transformed by the time you reach the destination of your triumph! Then and only then will you appreciate the ride because all of the hell you’ve been through, the turbulence that almost made you turn around, the knock downs, the names you’ve been called and those wanting to give up moments will make the triumph at your destination worthwhile!

“Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. But rejoice inasmuch as you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed. 1 Peter 4:12-13”


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