Daily Devotional – 8/13/13 “Isn’t God worthy enough?”

You’re asking, “What do I have to celebrate when most of my bills are behind, I’m working a dead end job, marriage is on the rocks, kids acting like strangers to me, friends messy and family got me stressing?” But baby, all you have to do is think back on some of the times you should have been dead when you were in places you shouldn’t have been, how God delivered you safely home, after hours of drinking, even though you don’t remember how you got there and how you walked away from that accident, was healed from the cancer or delivered from the dialysis that should have killed you. Yea, think back on the bills that God is allowing you to pay, that car you were approved for after being turned down 3 times, the food and the appetite you have, the feet you walk on, the arms & hands that are moving, the mouth that opens to breath, the nose that can smell, the eyes that can see, ears that can hear, a brain that works … shall I continue? If you don’t think you have a reason to have a jubilated, that means an uninhibited (which means open, unrestrained, not held back) rejoicing in the celebration of a victory or success, then grab the commercial appeal and look for your name and when you don’t see it; praise! Visit Lebonheur/St. Jude and when you don’t find your child lying there, praise! Visit the prisons or youth detention centers and when you don’t find your child or family member, praise! Visit the homeless shelters or the missions and when you don’t find your cot, praise! Visit the ICU floor of your local hospital and see the mother crying over her only son who was hit by a drunk driver or visit the nearest military base and visit the wife whose husband won’t return from war and realize that it isn’t you. If you don’t think you have a valid reason to give God a jubilated praise, keep living!

“Psalm 150:6 “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.”


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