Daily Devotional – 8/2/13 “Show me, no wait!”

This is how must of us are when it comes to getting our prayers answered. You ask God for a sign then you ignore it when it comes. You ask God for direction then you go an entirely different way. You ask God for a way out then you close the door. You ask God for a second chance and then you have the audacity to mess it up and still act unappreciative. What do you really want? You pray every night for God to show you the man or woman that is yours yet you still don’t recognize the one that has been standing in your face every day. You ask God for healing yet you won’t go and get the prescription that has been ready for 2 weeks. You ask God to show you your true friends yet you’re still chasing the ones that keep stabbing you in the back. You ask God for the career you want then you’re too scared to fill out the application. You ask God to protect you from the hands of that abusive man or woman yet you won’t move when He tells you too. You ask God to take this addiction from you yet you won’t give it up. What are you scared of? Are you too afraid to see the world through sober eyes? Are you that afraid of commitment? Are you that terrified to change? It’s like receiving a shot at the doctor’s office and each time the nurse comes toward you, you holler wait unless she finally gets fed up and goes ahead and stick you in the butt only for you to realize that it wasn’t even that bad. Yea, if you just take that leap of faith that God keeps dropping in your spirit, you’ll see that everything you’ve wanted has always been within reach.

Stop waiting to see the things that God has been showing you, after all you asked for it, didn’t you? The bible does say in Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Stop asking and then running scared from the answer. If you ask for a sign, be ready to receive it. If you ask for an answer, be ready to accept it. If you ask for a way, be ready to go. If you ask for a blessing, be ready to work. If you ask for healing, be ready to be healed. And if you ask for a burden, be ready to carry it (You’ll get that later). All I am saying is, be ready to accept and receive whatever you ask for!


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