Daily Devotional – 7/29/13 “You should be tired!”

I know you’re probably asking why I would say this but let me explain. When I say you should be tired, I don’t mean just physically but mentally and spiritually too. See, if you’re a true Christian, a blood bought believer, righteously redeemed reaper, a shouting sower, a Heaven bound helper who doesn’t mind dipping into the valleys and shouting from the mountaintops that God is your choice; then you will get tired on this Christian journey. Yea, you’ll get tired of being picked on by the enemy but that just means he’s trying to stop the purpose that he knows God has over your life. You’ll get tired of being lied on but that just mean you’re doing something for folk to talk about which also means they are paying attention. You’ll get tired of being knocked down but that means, again, that folk are paying you some attention and they’re jealous of your blessings. You’ll get tired of being sick but that means that God is healing you from the inside out. You’ll get tired of being drug to hell and back but that means somebody is trying to stop you from doing God’s work so keep working. You’ll even get tired of being tired, tired of robbing Peter and Paul, tired of eating scraps of food, tired of not having when you know you should, tired of not being able to go when you have a little energy to, tired of window shopping, tired of asking folk to pick you up, tired of being, tired of not being, tired of this and definitely tired of that; but that means you’re working for the right Master! Yea! See, if you aren’t tired then you aren’t working. If you haven’t been talked about then no one is looking. If your Christian light hasn’t been flickering, then it isn’t on. If your spiritual journey is smooth sailing, then you’re rowing in the wrong boat. If you haven’t crossed some hurdles, then you’re walking the wrong path. If you haven’t faced some closed doors then you’re knocking at the wrong ones. If you haven’t had some mountains in your way then you’re in the wrong place. And if you haven’t been knocked down in some battles then you’re fighting in the wrong fight because if you’re in God’s presence then you’ll have some valleys to dig your way out of, you’ll have some slippery spots that may cause you to stumble, a few mistakes to make before you get it right, some bad times, some hard nights and even harder mornings but they are all part of your journey so go on. Yea, you’ll get tired but you should be because then that means you’re working for the right somebody who will make it all worthwhile after while!

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11”


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