Daily Devotional – 7/27/13 “Saturday Prayer”

God, I know its early on a Saturday morning as I come petitioning your throne but your word says to always pray and God somebody needs to be prayed for right now. I don’t know their personal struggle but somebody is going through, this very moment and they need you. They’ve been up all night long pacing because their body has pain, worried over a sick child or crying because their child didn’t come home, seeking strength for the funeral they’ve got to attend today or even toiling with a battle that’s not theirs to fight; God grant them the request they’ve been crying out for, if its in your will. If its healing, a financial blessing, a stronger marriage, a job, a home, traveling mercy or deliverance; send it now because I know that you’re capable of doing it. For the person whose burying a loved one, for the one making funeral arrangements, for the one searching for a loved one and for the one whose loved one or even themselves is consumed by an addiction; comfort them today. God, send hope to the person whose hope is slowly leaving, send joy to the person whose allowed the world to take theirs away, send love to the person whose only felt hurt from others and guide the person whose taken the wrong turn on their journey. God, somebody wants to know you but they’re too concerned about what others say, somebody wants to come back to you but they are too scared to let the world go and someone is fighting the calling you’ve placed over their life but I know that you’re able to deliver them on today. Someone is about to give up because they can’t seem to stop drowning in the sea of worrying but I know you to be a life jacket in the time of need. Someone is about to give in because they feel like they can’t hold on to the cliff of debt they’ve fallen over but I know you to be a cushion when they fall. Someone is about to let go of their rope of hope because its breaking but I know you’re able to give them the strength they need to reach beyond the break. God someone’s legs is buckling under the pressures of the burdens on their shoulders but I know you’re able to help them carry them. So God, I ask you to do it now because I’m claiming victory! Yes sir, I’m claiming that we shall not be defeated in this round because you are patiently waiting to be tagged in. I come right now claiming victory during our sickness, our financial troubles, our heartaches, situations, circumstances, trials and tribulations because there isn’t anyone who can do us better than you! God, I thank you now and I’m still believing, I’m still claiming and I’m still speaking these things because you’ve given me the power too! Do it God! Do these things I ask in your name, in Jesus name and in the name of the Holy Ghost. Amen


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