Daily Devotional – 7/19/13 “I’ll just pray for us!”

Our Father whose in Heaven, hallowed will be your name and may your kingdom come and your will be done. Lord, I come before your throne this morning to first thank you. I must thank you for sight, hearing, feeling, touching and tasting. Lord, I thank you for blessing my hands so that I can work, for blessing my feet so that I can walk the right path, for blessing my mind to know the difference between right and wrong, for blessing my heart so that I can love, my tongue so that I may speak life and my ears so that I can hear when you’re speaking. Lord, I must thank you for giving me skin that heals when folk stab me in the back and when I have to spend more times on my knees praying. I thank you for the tears on days when folk do me wrong, I thank you for the comfort you give when I feel so all alone, for the help when I feel helpless and for hope when I feel hopeless. I thank you for strong shoulders to endure life’s troubles and hardships. Lord, I thank you for using me to be a vessel of your word and even when I’m not perfect you still use me for your good because you know my worthiness. I’m grateful for the path you’ve placed me on and I’m even more grateful for the forgiveness you give me when I sometimes stumble. Thank you for being a light in my dark places and my gps when I’m lost. I thank you for my family, friends and for my enemies who you use as my footstool to elevate me higher.

Now, Lord I ask that you bless the person reading this. Let them know that you’re comfort when they’re grieving, a tear wiper when they’re crying, a deliverer through trials, a company keeper in their lonely hour, a sleeping pill when they’re tossing and turning, a healer when they’re sick, hope when doors are being closed, a guide when they can’t see their way, help when their back is against the wall, a bill extender when money is low, medicine when they can’t afford it and joy when the world has taken all they have. Lord, I don’t know the needs of all those reading this but you do so I ask, if it’s in your will, to stop by and grant the needs that are being whispered this morning. Enlarge territories, break down walls and remove the stumbling blocks that have been placed in their path. Lord, I know that you’re able and I believe that you will. Bless and continue to watch over the children that are growing up in this mean world. Bind peer pressure, bullying, sex, teenage pregnancy and thoughts of suicide. Whisper to them now, oh Lord and let them know that you’re a prayer away. Remove the anger from hearts and tongues and renew in your children the right spirit. Do these things for your child now as I humbly submit this prayer to you because its in your name I pray. Amen


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