Daily Devotional – 7/17/13 “Prayer, just simple prayer!”

If you’re like me you can’t join every prayer line, you can’t run to a church every time you need prayer and sometimes you can’t even pray for yourself because the words just aren’t there; so in the midst of my tossing and turning on last night, God simply whispered for me to pray for you and for me this morning.

Our Father in Heaven, Holy is your name and may your will be done here on this Earth as you will have it done in Heaven. Father, as I petition your throne this morning, I come with my mouth and heart filled with thanksgiving for all the things you’ve already done and even for those things you’ve yet to do. God, I thank you for the healing of the sickness that hasn’t even happened yet. God, I thank you for bringing me out of that situation that hasn’t even occurred yet and God, I thank you for that blessing that’s on the way. Oh, God, I thank you on behalf of those who are too selfish to say it themselves and even for those who can’t say it. For that person in the hospital and the doctors are saying no, I know that you, God, are the healer that can say yes. For that person who is addicted to drugs and they keep saying they can’t live without them, I know you, God, are the rehab that can snatch the taste from their tongue. For that person who is without a job and has filled out applications, I know you, God, will be the interviewer that can say yes without even looking at the resume. For that person who is on a job and still looking, I know that you, God, can promote them without them even applying for one. For that person who is grieving now, I know you, God, can give comfort like none other. For that person suffering with pain, diseases, broken bones, weight struggles, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, lupus, MS, sickle cell, low blood, heartbreak, anger, depression, abuse or suicidal thoughts; I know that you, God, are able to see about your children. God, I ask that you send a breakthrough into the lives of those who need it, don’t let them spend another day in bondage. God send deliverance into the lives of those who wants it so bad; don’t let them spend another minute addicted. God, send healing to those who are calling on your name. God, dry the tears of those who are praying for your mercy. God someone needs you to show up in their lives but they’ve been too scared to ask because they haven’t lived the right way but I know that you’ve not forgotten about them; show up and show out in their life today. God, someone is too afraid to give you the things that are holding them back but I ask you today, to go into their lives and shake those things loose. God, someone is dealing with an abusive spouse and too afraid to leave but God I need you to send strength, protection and a way out. God, I need you to break the generational curses that are hindering your people. God, protect all those who are called to do your will and preach your word, from the enemy’s hands, words and pitfalls they try to set. God, I need you to break down barriers of racism that is still prevalent today. God, I need you; we need you down here before it’s too late. I stand in the gap on today calling on your name God to come and see about your people. God, I’m praying that you continue to use me in your way to deliver your word to your people, how you want it done. Search my heart, mind and life and remove anything that hinders me from being a workman for you. God, do it now! And if there’s anything that I’ve not ask that needs to be done or spoken, I ask that you do it now. Thank you Father for giving me an obedient spirit as I humbly submit this prayer in your name. Amen


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