Daily Devotional – 7/15/13 “It wasn’t that bad!”

I’ve been wondering lately why, we as parents, sometimes say we want to give our children what we didn’t have growing up or that we want better for them than what we had but I’ve come to the realization that what we had wasn’t that bad. I mean, if you stop and think; you didn’t have half the things our children do, you couldn’t go to none of the places they go (unless you could sneak out) and you definitely couldn’t wear the clothes they do and you didn’t turn out half bad, did you? We had to be in the house before the street lights came on because children didn’t have any business to tend to when it got late but now the kids can’t leave the house until they come on and we have no idea the business they are tending too. We didn’t have a choice but to share clothes because that was all we had so there was no arguing but now sisters/brothers fight if they find out the other one has their shirt even though they got another one just like it. We didn’t get to choose dinner which means we didn’t go to bed hungry because dinner was chosen for us, oh but now you got the nerve to look back and ask them what they want for dinner and they don’t even have a job. You go out and spend $200 on tennis shoes and then call MLGW for an extension to pay your bill. You spend $150 getting their hair glued/sewed in and then you have to stop them by momma’s house so y’all can eat. You spend $100 taking them out to eat on Friday night and then you’re hiding from the landlord. What in the world is going on?

Growing up, for us, school wasn’t an option because you got your butt up and went but now you wake them up to ask if they feel like going. You didn’t get $10 a day for lunch because you ate what they served or you took a sandwich from home or you didn’t eat. You didn’t wear Polo shirts, Jordan tennis shoes or mac makeup but you wore whatever your sister or brother didn’t, you cleaned off the shoes you’ve been wearing and you had to be a certain age to even wear lip gloss and you went on. You weren’t disrespectful to the teacher because you were afraid of that punishment when you got home now the kids aren’t afraid to talk back because they know you’ll bring your crazy behind to the school acting a bigger fool. I am grateful every day for my upbringing because it’s still bringing me up. How, you ask? Well, I was taught how to be a woman and how to cook and clean at a young age (Still works now). I was appreciative of the few things we had which make me appreciate the big things (Still works now). I appreciated the efforts momma and grandma put into the gifts we got for Christmas because it showed they cared. We played outside on a Saturday morning instead of sleeping late or sitting in front of a TV which means we made friendships that last and we didn’t need cell phones which meant we talked to folk face to face (still works now). We saw the relationships between neighbors who were there for each other no matter what they needed. You saw momma being a mother and daddy being a father. You went to Sunday school, worship service, prayer meeting and choir rehearsal. When momma/daddy left the house you knew the oldest was in charge and you were obedient. I can’t speak for you but my growing up wasn’t that bad and just maybe this is what we need to get back too in order to snatch our children back from this world that’s chewing them up and spitting them out. We need to get back to smothering our children with love and questions in order to know where they’re going and who they’re going with. We’ve got to get our children back and we’ve got to do it before it’s too late.


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