Daily Devotional – 7/8/13 “Didn’t you see the warnings?”

Yea, you know you did but you went anyway. You know you saw the warning signs blinking over that man or woman’s head but you went in head first and now you have the audacity to be mad at God when He wasn’t the one to make you go. You know you saw the warning signs in that car, when the check engine light stayed on, yet you signed your name anyway and now you’re still without a ride and the car is in the driveway. You know you felt the signs of your health failing and you ignored them too until you ended up on your back in somebody’s hospital bed and who’s to blame? Why are you ignoring the signs when you asked God for them, didn’t you? You ask God to show you if that church is where you need to be, when you know you aren’t getting fed spiritually, but you still stay. You ask God to show you if you should be marrying him or her and even after you’ve caught them cheating, you still walk down the aisle to recite the vows of “til death do us part” when you know it won’t be death but cheating yet you still go. God keeps showing you the warning signs about that job you’re on, however you keep walking pass them until the doors are closed and you’re unemployed when you should have been looking for another one. Why are you ignoring the signs? Would you drive down a street that has been closed? Would you walk over a bridge that has “closed for repair” sign? Would you drive a car that has “no brakes” warning attached? Then why are you attaching yourself to a man who is known as an abuser? Why are you chasing a woman who is known to sleep around? Why are you buying a car from someone who is known to sell lemons? Why are you constantly giving your heart to a person who didn’t care for it the first 3 times? Why are you still hanging on to a marriage that has been over? Why are you still ignoring the warnings? Before you go to sleep, don’t you get sleepy? Before the backstabbing, didn’t you see the signs of your so-called friend changing? Before you fall, didn’t you feel your legs getting weak? Before a storm, don’t God sends the clouds? Before a flood, doesn’t it first have to rain? Before night comes, doesn’t God send the day light? Before a heart attack, haven’t you been made aware of the signs? Then why ignore them when Matthew 6:22 says, “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light?” Open your ears to hear and your eyes to see because they’ll never fail you when it comes to the warning signs. How do I know? Proverbs 20:12 says, “Ears to hear and eyes to see–both are gifts from the LORD,” and He hasn’t made anything to fail. Don’t ignore the warnings!


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