Daily Devotional – 6/19/13 “Sweep your own porch!”

I wonder if you think you feel or look better when you talk about me. Well, if the truth shall be told, I’m not worried because I am covered by the blood you see. I don’t have to try to fit in with the world to be cool because God promised in His word, that He’ll make my enemies my footstool. You do know what that is, a footstool, I mean? Oh, well it allows me to reach things higher than you and I don’t even have to lean. Yea, God has placed a shield around me to protect me from folk like you, when you always gossip and lie; it seems that’s all you do. You’re always throwing rocks and then running to hide your face, but baby I suggest you get yourself together before it’s too late. Stop worrying about what’s sitting on my front porch or the many leaves in my yard because if you want something to fix, look at home, you don’t have to look far. No, I don’t have to worry about the skeletons in your closet, the secrets you have buried or the things you do when you creep because I’ve lived long enough to know that when you sow, you shall reap. So, stop dragging my name through the dirt in order to make yourself look good, because you’ll be blessed just like me if you do what you know you should. Stop digging ditches for me by scandalizing my gifts, because I have struggles and strife too but it’s God who gives me the lift!

If you took as much time minding your business as you do mine, then you’d be able to do more of God’s work and let your light for Him shine. Yet, instead you find fault in belittling your sister and brother, whom God says you should love because you’ve allowed the enemy to put his hands around your neck tighter than a glove. Yea, you call yourself a Christian when it is convenient for you, but even the devil studied and he knows God’s word too. So, don’t be fast to sweep my front or back door, when you got chaos, backbiting, and judging laying all over your floor. Clean up your own house sometimes and then invite me in but don’t expect me to join in with you in your daily sin. Yes, I make mistakes too because I’m not perfect but a work in progress; so I don’t need your messy self adding to my stress. So when you feel the need to peek through the hole in my fence to see my mistakes and faults, I hope you have your eyes closed when God starts throwing salt. See, He is the only one able to make you pay for the things you try to do, so I can’t worry about the things you try to put me through. You can continue to talk, spread lies and drag my name through the dirt, because you won’t have a bearing on where I go when I leave this earth. For God has promised me an eternal home in paradise, the one He built; so I’ll continue to prepare myself for that trip. So clean your yard before you try to jump the fence into mine because you may just trip coming over and then what will you find? Sweep around your own porch before you try to sweep mine because you may just use all the time cleaning yours when there’s no telling what you’ll find.


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