Daily Devotional – 6/18/13 “Don’t visit with pity too long!”

Simply put; don’t tarry, stay, remain, linger, stay put or get comfortable in that pity party you’re in. Yea, you can get sick and tired of being sick and tired; you can get frustrated about never ending bills, the sickness that won’t leave your body and you can even get mad about never having enough even though you’re working like a dog but have your moment; just don’t visit long! See, if you stay in your funk to long you get funky and then you start following and feeding off the feebleness of other fearful folks who have also fallen and are now filthy. And if everybody you’re around is filled with the pity funk, which one of you will make the suggestion to now get clean? I mean, somebody needs to stand up and tell you to put on your big girl or boy underwear, pull up your pants or pull down your dress; strap up your boots or step into your stilettos and let’s get this thang popping! Yea, I get it! I do, I really do but now what? After you’ve cried, things will still be the same unless you change. After you’ve yelled and screamed and cuss “them” out, things will still be the same unless you make some changes. If he is still mistreating you after the fight, then it wasn’t worth it. If she is still walking all over you after the talk, then it wasn’t worth having. If you’ve told them what you’re no longer taking then close your hands, legs and mouth and stop taking it! Stop visiting with pity every time stuff happens, deal with it and then move on. Stop allowing pity to make a necklace for you to hang around your neck. Stop allowing pity to attach to your legs and now you’re barely moving. Stop allowing pity to run rampant through your mind and now you’re not sleeping. Stop swallowing pity and now you have no appetite. Pity comes with the purpose of putting pain in places where your praise should be so, placing people around you so you have no peace and even planting persuasion to make you think you’re being persecuted when you’re simply being promoted. Baby, stop visiting pity because it means you no good! Where pity plants God will pluck up; if you let Him. Pity comes just don’t visit with it long!


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