Daily Devotional – 6/10/13 “If it’s over, say it!”

Why are you scared to tell folk the truth? Don’t you know the bible says in Proverbs 12:19, “Truthful words stand the test of time, but lies are soon exposed?” Yea, you’re sleeping with the enemy and too afraid to roll over to tell them it’s over because you’re both headed in different directions until they’ve taken you to a dead end. You’ve allowed your overgrown son to move back home and now he’s causing problems in your marriage and you’re too afraid to tell him to man up and get to stepping until you’re standing in divorce court. Your daughter keeps dropping off her kids at your house and it’s keeping you from having a life but you’re too afraid to tell her it’s over until you’re on your bed of affliction. Your sister keeps begging until she has the last dollar from your pocket but you don’t want to hurt her feelings so you won’t tell her it’s over and now you’re thirsty and can’t even buy a drink. You keep being used to do everybody else’s work plus your own and you’re too scared to tell them it’s over until you’re so stressed out that your hair is falling out. Baby, when you shout it’s over and you believe it; then the enemy has to flee. When you stop holding on to the stuff that’s weighing you down, you start rising. When you release the stuff that has you weighted down, you stop drowning. When you really start believing that all things are possible with God things starts to happen. Yea, you start having a little extra money, you start having a little extra energy, you start to smile more, you love more, you help more, you stop getting angry so fast, you speak to folks you don’t normally speak to, you go to worship service more, you get that promotion that you wanted, you have fewer pains in your body and you found the joy you had buried away. Yes, when YOU shout it’s over, things start to happen! You can’t continue to go on in the situation that you’re in, so shout it’s over. You don’t have to keep facing the same hell day in and day out, so shout it’s over. That dark cloud that won’t go away, shout it’s over. The tears that you keep shedding at the hands of the person who is supposed to love you, shout it’s over. Being walked over by friends, shout it’s over. That depression and suicidal thoughts, the sleepless nights, the drug addiction and alcoholism, the sleeping around and the adultery, the stealing and robbing, the pacing, the tossing and the turning; shout it’s over. Oh, I claiming victory not defeat today and I am speaking life back into your dead situations. So, if you can’t shout it’s over; I am standing in the gap declaring today that you shall live and not die; you shall win and not lose; you shall dance and not doubt; you shall be healed and not sick, you shall be the lender and not the borrower, you shall be first and not last and you shall be greater than your problem! Shout it’s over, let it go and then get on with your life and stop looking back. You can’t say it’s over and then keep going back to get it. It can be over if you allow it to be because you can only take what your hands, heart and mind will accept.


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