Daily Devotional – 5/30/13 “That’s God working (part 2)!”

Have you ever felt like crying for no reason? Mood is real rude and you just got out the bed. You don’t want to be bothered even though you work in customer service? Got a feeling that just doesn’t seem to fit and no matter how you try you cannot explain it? Well, I’ve come to realize that this is God working some things in your spirit. Yea, see; He hasn’t manifested or shown them to you yet because you ain’t ready. (Yea, I said you ain’t ready!) So, God has to work on the inside of you and while He does, you feel all discombobulated, out of whack, struggling, blowing up over small things, going from 0 to 60 in seconds and yet you still don’t know why. That’s alright, just wait on God and watch how this thang turns out because when He gets through you look and feel brand new. When God gets through, you no longer look like the mess you used to be. When God gets through you won’t even have a taste for cigarettes, weed, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs and/or alcohol. Oh, when God gets through you won’t even look at folks the same way. The ones you used to lust after are left behind. Those who used to call you only when they need something become nothing in your eyes. Those who have hurt and hindered your progress will be hidden from your view. Chile, when God is done; when His work (for this season) is over, when He has completed the changes He needed to make, when He has tighten up the screws to the new heart He replaced for the one that had been broken, refilled the tear ducts that were empty from crying all night long, replaced the air in your lungs from losing your loved one, replaced that empty organ of hope from the many disappointments in your life, put a little more faith in your blood, joy in every part of you and exchanged that misery for mercy; you won’t even walk the same as you used too, you won’t talk the same and you surely won’t act the same because then His work would be complete. Now, this is only for this season because sometimes God has to change a few things in us every now and then but just go with it. I’m not saying you have to act like you’re crazy to folk but just be quiet and let God finish. Yea, I know you won’t this feeling to go away but don’t rush the master until He has completed the mission that He started. Oh, somebody needs to know that’s it’s not you, it’s simply God working. I’m trying to leave this alone but somebody reading this feels like they are at their wits end but if you look, you still have some road left to travel. Somebody feels like they’re drowning but all you have to do is stand up, those are just your tears you’re wallowing in. Somebody feels like they’re at the end of their cliff but if you jump, God has already created a soft place for you to land. Somebody is feeling like suicide is the answer but no baby, the answer is God and prayer. Somebody is feeling like they can’t make ends meet but just sit down and look at all the things you have and if they aren’t mandatory, let them go. Somebody was even up crying on last night but if you stop worrying, sleep will come. Those bills you crying over, they will still be there in the morning. That man or woman who left and who hurt you; they didn’t belong to you anyway and they’ll still be gone in the morning. That wayward child, give them to God. That love one you’re crying over who has gone on, they can’t help you now; get right so that you’ll see them again one day. Chile, you aren’t in this here thing alone and you aren’t going crazy; it’s just God working.


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