Daily Devotional – 5/24/13 “Favor-full Friday”

Favor is defined as an act of kindness performed or granted out of goodwill, preferential treatment shown to somebody or something given or worn as a token of love, allegiance, or goodwill. Now, that alone is enough for me to realize, understand and appreciate the fact that my Friday is full of favor. Yea, I know your check was short, your account may still be in the negative, you got more bills on top of the ones you already can’t pay, child needs summer school when you thought you’ll have a break, job cutting hours when you need overtime, friends won’t answer when you need someone to talk too or family acting strange but you still have favor. Don’t believe me, then let me show you.

You woke up this morning – FAVOR!
You were in your right mind – FAVOR!
You didn’t find your spouse or child cold – FAVOR!
You looked around and realized that God gave you back everything you had on yesterday – FAVOR!
You could have lost your home in a tornado – FAVOR!
You could be strung out on drugs or dependent on alcohol – FAVOR!
You could be worse than you are but you’re not which means – FAVOR!

If you still don’t believe you have favor, think about the person whose week is filled with dialysis or chemo when your week is hanging out with friends or being lazy at home. Think about the many coworkers who have experienced death in their family over the last month, when you haven’t. So what if your boyfriend left, spend a few minutes crying and then get over it. Ok, your girlfriend turned out to be somebody other than who you thought, get over it. Your job laid you off, ok, man up and find another one to feed your family. Your car wouldn’t start this morning, ok, call someone or take the bus; the fresh air will do you good. You got a little pain in your body, ok, at least you’re able to feel it. Yea, you may be gifted at what you do but you can’t seem to get where you want to be, so what? This simply means it’s not your time because the bible says in Proverbs 18:16, “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men.” See, just because you have a gift it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to open up doors but allow the gift that God has given you to do it especially if you’re using that gift for good, then it’ll go ahead of you and speak on your behalf. Your resume, boss, coworker, spouse or family member can’t speak for you like your gift can and when you’ve been blessed with a gift; God gives you the favor you need to keep it. You have favor but you have to believe in it, understand it and then realize it. If God didn’t give you favor, then why would He keep using you? Stop worrying about what other folks got because they could be great at making stuff look good. Be blessed with the favor you have. Favor means God has faith in you to fulfill the purpose in which He has filled you with, so stop fretting and follow the footpath forward with faith and without fear because even if you fail or fail, your foundation is firm to flourish again.


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