Daily Devotional – 5/16/13 “You’re too anointed …”

To be disappointed, to blessed to be stressed, you’re living so start forgiving, so many gifts in store to not have joy, a foot in the race to not appreciate His grace and a provider that doesn’t hold out so why do you doubt? Yea, you’re anointed and because you are God has you covered. He got you! Why do you think God’s word said in 1 Chronicles 16:22 and again in Psalm 105:15, “Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm?” See, to be anointed means you were chosen by or as if by divine election; in other words when you’re chosen by God. Yea, you’re chosen when you accept God into your life and commit to doing His will. Yea, you’re chosen when you aren’t ashamed to tell folk who you serve. Yea, you’re chosen when you know whose you are. So stop acting like you have no power because if you’re chosen, you’re anointed which means you have the power. It’s like when you stand before your Pastor who is anointing you with oil; the oil doesn’t have any power but the power is coming from the one who has been chosen by God, His anointed people. You don’t have to be called to preach in order to be anointed because Jesus didn’t have a pulpit when He delivered the word so share it. No, you don’t have to be an ordained deacon who never sins because if you look into the past of some of Jesus’ disciples you’ll see that they weren’t all squeaky clean either so serve Him as a pew member.

What I’m trying to get you to see is this, you too are anointed. How do I know? Well, because God gave each of us a duty which is to spread His word. How else could you tell of God’s word if you aren’t anointed enough to understand it? Then why do you keep getting disappointed when things don’t turn out right because they won’t all the time? Why do you keep getting stressed over the small things when God has blessed you with so many bigger things? Why do you constantly let folk suck out your joy, hold your heart hostage because you’re holding on to hurt and binding yourself when you won’t forgive? Don’t you know by now that you’re anointed which means you’ve been approved to accept the abundance of advantages that allows you to ascend above your adversaries, accomplish what you aim for and gives you the ability to acquaint yourself with an awesome God who answers your prayers? Then now is the time to get off your pity box, throw it as far as you can and get to getting! You have been appointed which simply means you’re anointed to be exactly who you were delivered to be!


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