Daily Devotional – 5/15/13 “Now you’re disappointed?”

Why are you disappointed? Didn’t you know what you were getting yourself into? Didn’t you know he was a poppa with a rolling stone before you allowed him to lay his hat at your home? Didn’t you know she couldn’t be trusted when you made her “wifey” and now you’re disgusted? Didn’t you get that job by throwing somebody else under the bus and now you’re wondering why you’re being tossed out and you want to cuss? Chile please! You knew there was a possibility that car was a lemon when you spent your tax money on it so why are you disappointed? That same person has hurt you before and has turned around and done it again and yet you’re disappointed? I don’t understand why because you had to know what you were buying, right? See, disappointed is defined as not satisfied or unhappy because something was not as good, attractive, or satisfactory as expected, or because something hoped for or expected did not happen. You know how it is when you get dressed all up in your spanx girdle and your different color wig to go out to the club and you meet this dude that you’re feeling and he asked you out to dinner, yet you’re disappointed when he doesn’t recognize you when you walk in yet you were smaller and had longer hair when he met you, don’t be mad at him. Be yourself! You meet this dude at the corner store with his pants sagging and his cap turned backward and after a few months of talking you invite him to church and yet you’re disappointed when he shows up dressed the same way but why? You cannot be disappointed in what you got if you paid for it. It’s like ordering fast food. If you don’t check your food before you leave the counter or drive through; don’t be unhappy or disappointed when you get home and find onions on your sandwich. It’s like you being disappointed in the dog because he/she bit somebody but he/she bites you so why are you surprised now?

All I’m saying is, you cannot be disappointed in something or someone when you know who or what you’re getting. If you buy pants or shoes too little, don’t be disappointed when they don’t fit. If you don’t have money in the bank, don’t be disappointed when your transaction is denied. If you haven’t been keeping God’s commandments, repenting when you sin, believing in God instead of denying Him or going instead of staying; don’t be disappointed when your name isn’t on His roll. Don’t be disappointed when folk show you their true selves, believe them. Don’t be disappointed when things don’t work out like you think they should, stuff happens. Don’t be disappointed when friends no longer want to hang out all night, people change. And don’t be disappointed when life is no longer the same because it can’t stay the same always. Disappointment leaves you dissatisfied which can then lead to deceitful ways that cause you to destroy the direction of your destiny which may deliver you to dance with the devil so instead when disappointments drags its way into your dreams; declare deliverance, dissolve doubt and determine that your darkness will soon turn to day!


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