Daily Devotional – 5/14/13 “It’s still not impossible!”

I know somebody is still having a hard time believing that their situation will get better. You read the devotional from yesterday but you’re still trying to comprehend how all of those “biblical stories” relate to you now but see those are just testimonies of the things that are possible in order for you to see that nothing is impossible. Yea, I get it; that happened back then and you’re saying what about now but let me try to help you out. Now, I can only give you testimony of what I know to be true so I can’t speak for someone else but come here grandma. Grandma who has seen 82 years of living on this side, who has never buried one of her children, who is still in her right mind, who can still give you a good old fashion cussing, who will still give your number out to anyone who ask even when you’ve asked her not too, who took care of her husband who laid on his bed of affliction for 3 years, who buried the same husband who she spent 60+ years with, who still takes care of great-grandchildren, who still cooks a big dinner, who still hums a Dr. Watt when she’s in the kitchen, who can still tell you what type of rash you got on your arm, who can tell you what you need to take to feel better, who can still tell you just about everything in the bible, whose hands can still comfort a crying baby, whose voice soothes your spirit, who can still recite the alphabet backwards and one who didn’t let the thought of cancer keep her from living. Oh, nothing is impossible.

Come here momma who has raised 4 girls when folk said she wouldn’t make it, raised 3 boys when folk thought she couldn’t do it, kept a roof over our heads so that we were never homeless, food on the table so that we were never hungry, allowed us to see her struggle so that we could appreciate the sacrifice, taught us how to be women first and wives/mothers second, who taught us how to make a meal out of a few dollars, how to stare adversity in the face and still advance, how to survive the storm and still succeed, how to dance to that old school R&B, how to clean a house on a Saturday morning, how to wash a load of clothes and how to be just who you are. Oh, there is nothing that is impossible.

Excuse me while I testify … I could have been dead but I’m not, me or one of my sisters could have been diagnosed with breast cancer but we haven’t, one of my 3 brothers could have prostate cancer, dead from a bullet on the streets or addicted to cocaine but they’re not, I could have been a high school dropout when society deemed me a statistic for being a teenage mother, I could have been a drug addict and prostitute because we were raised in the ghetto, I could have been a nobody if I listened to folk, I would have been a nothing if I took what folks said about me, I could have even given up when the world turned on me but I didn’t. Why not? With God there is nothing that is impossible for Him. Yea, I’ve had days of not having but I haven’t been without. I’ve had days when I’m hungry but I haven’t starved to death. I’ve had days and nights of crying and toiling but it didn’t take me out. I’ve had momentary moments of mistakes but they don’t make me. I’ve had days of deceit and denial that tried to destroy me but those don’t define me. I’ve have times when I wanted to give up but I didn’t give in. I’ve had moments when evil almost won but they weren’t victorious. I’ve had temporary situations of setbacks but they only set me up. I’ve had folks try and destroy me but they made me more determined. I’ve had church folk to try and kill my flesh but it made me more focused. Yea, with God there is nothing impossible. Even on the days when I wonder why me, why would God use somebody like me, why would He choose somebody like me; He simply lets me know that it’s not for me to understand but for me to be used! Oh, nothing is impossible! You have to know that there isn’t anything that you face that God isn’t capable of handling because Luke 1:37 says, “For nothing will be impossible with God.”


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