Daily Devotional – 4/19/13 “It’s Friday!”

And you know what that means? Yep! You lived to see another day. Awl, don’t start complaining just go with it. If you got bills and no money, go with it because you’d still have them even if you don’t complain. You can have pain in your body like I do in these stiff knees of mine but let’s go with it. There’s no need in turning back now because we’ve come too far. There really isn’t a need to look back over your life because that’s the past and it can’t be changed anyway so go with what you have right now. Yea, appreciate the little you do have and stop crying over what you could have. Appreciate the car you do have and stop daydreaming over a car you saw in the magazine. Appreciate the life you have and stop wishing for the ones you see on TV. Haven’t you realized by now that everything that shines isn’t gold because it could be silver painted with brass or that every patch of grass on the other side of the fence isn’t green because it’s been fertilized better but because it’s been painted? Yea, you do know that the Jones Family is no longer trying to keep up because they’ve run out and tired of pretending? Yep, it’s Friday and whether that means your weekend starts now or it doesn’t, just go with what you have right now because it could be gone and it sure could be worse.


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