Daily Devotional – 4/18/13 “It’s Thursday Saints!”

That doesn’t really mean anything but I wanted to let you know that you lived to see it. See, somebody who man deemed healthy laid down last night but didn’t get up this morning but you did so be grateful. Somebody sleeping on the streets didn’t live to see this morning but you woke up in your bed so be thankful. Somebody in ICU or the hospital don’t even know they are in the world but you woke up with your mind knowing exactly where you were and the many things you had to do so be appreciative. Yea, I know that you may be going through some things, you may be depressed, angry for no reason, mad at the world just because, wanting more than what you have, wishing for things to be better, planning for tomorrow with no regards for today, looking for more but not really searching and praying for answers but asking the wrong questions but you’re alive aren’t you? Yea, you want God to answer but you want accept His advice. You want God’s blessing but you won’t fight in the battle. You want to hear God’s call but you won’t follow His commandments. You want him to deliver and defend you when you’re still destroying dreams and being disobedient. Yea, you want to be elevated and your earnings enlarged when you won’t even endure enough. You want favor but you fold at the first fight. You want glory and grace when you groan instead of staying grounded. You want help from the Holy Ghost but give hell and hostility every chance you get. You want immediate instruction from God and then ignore His intentions. You ask for joy and jubilation and then get jealous of others and get tired on your journey. You want knowledge but you won’t kneel. You want love but won’t labor. You want mercy but won’t minister. You want what you need but won’t call God’s name. You ask for an opportunity but won’t obey. You ask for peace but won’t offer praise. You won’t God to come quickly yet you won’t be quiet. You want to be renewed but won’t repent. You say you’re saved yet you won’t sacrifice and serve. You want the testimony but not the trials and test. You want to be brought up in the midst of being unrighteous. You don’t want to be the victim but you don’t value your victories. You don’t want to be weak but you keep wandering in the wilderness. You yearn for God but won’t be you. When all you have to do is increase your zeal for God and He’ll cover your zone.

Yea, it’s Thursday but then tomorrow comes Friday. Will you still be in your same weepy mess or will you make a change? You decide!


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