Daily Devotional – 4/16/13 “Get in line!”

I know that you’ve heard or been told that you’re next in line for a miracle but you can’t get the miracle that’s yours if you won’t get in line. You’ve probably even been told or read in your bible that God will even make the last first but how can He make you first if you’ve never been last? So, stop all the whining about God not answering your prayers. Stop acting like you’ve been the only one knocked down, lied on, used, abused by the hands of folk who say they love you, stabbed in the back by folk who smiled in your face, stepped on by folk you helped up and even talked about by folks you’ve prayed for because you’re not. However, this is all part of your process to your destiny. Yea, see; God can’t give you the miracle that has your name on it because you’re too busy allowing folks to skip. You keep handing out the blessing that’s meant for you and sometimes you miss your miracle because you’re too busy turned around being in other folk’s business that you miss your turn. (And you got the nerve to be mad at God.) You’ve been last for a while and God is trying to make you first but every time He gets ready to touch you with His anointed hand, you’re out of place. It’s like your boss coming to your desk to give you a promotion and each time he comes you’re at your co-worker’s desk gossiping. Eventually he’ll stop coming to your desk and visit the co-worker who is always at theirs. Stay in your own lane sometimes. Stay in your own line sometimes. Mind your own business sometimes.

All, I’m trying to tell you is; in order to get your miracle you have to first get in line. How do you do this? It’s simple, be the person that God has ordained you to be. You don’t have to be like folk but live so that folk will want to be like you. How do you become first? It’s simple too; rejoice when you’re in the last position. How do you get your miracle? Magnify God when man wants Him minimized, be meek when you want to be mean, be God’s messenger when you want to keep up mess and be merry and merciful when you should be miserable. How do you get to be first? Face your fears with the faith that your favor is filled and you have not been forsaken or forgotten but formed on a foundation that keeps your feet from falling and makes you fierce enough to fight. Yea, your miracle is coming so hold on! You won’t always be last so hold on! Stay in line and keep your faith until your time comes.


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