Daily Devotional – 3/29/13 “Making Preparations”

After they sentenced Jesus to be crucified, after they placed a crown of thorns on his head, a robe on his body and mocked His name of King; Matthew 27:31 says “After they had mocked him, they took off the robe and put his own clothes on him. Then they led him away to crucify him.”

See, even after all that, they placed the same clothes Jesus had on before hand back on Him before they marched Him to Skull Hill (Golgotha) to be crucified. Yet, we go out and spend all our money that should be set aside for bills, medicine, food and necessities on clothes for Easter Sunday. Yea, we get all dressed up with no where to go. Jesus had a place to go after He died because He did all the things He was supposed to do but can you say the same? Will you be at church on next Sunday or is this one the only one? Don’t get me wrong, its your business what you do but while you’re buying shoes have you told the kids about the many miles Jesus had to walk bearing His own cross? While you buying new clothes, have you read about all the torture that Jesus endured just so we’d have an opportunity to everlasting life? While you’re getting your nails and feet done, have you read about the nails that were pierced in Jesus’ hands and feet so that we could have the chance to be forgiven for our sins?

Take a moment during your day and reflect on the real reason we celebrate Resurrection Sunday. It’s not about eggs because rabbits can’t lay any. It’s not about candy because there was nothing sweet about the Hell Jesus went through. It’s not even about the speeches but its about your belief in a Man who was persecuted even though He was innocent, beaten although He only came to help, chastised for His healing power and hung for our transgressions. So, while you’re getting prepared for Easter; make sure you have a place to go when you leave here.


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