Daily Devotional – 3/4/13 “Another Monday!”

Yea, it’s Monday again but don’t blame it for your sour mood. You knew yesterday that Monday was coming so why are you acting like it is a surprise? You knew when you were out late last night that you had to get up and go to work so why are your co-workers catching hell? No, it wasn’t the side of the bed you woke up on because you sleep on the same side every night which means you wake up on the same side every morning. Ok, so what if your Monday didn’t start off right, you can change that can’t you? You may even be faced with the same hurt from last Monday, same responsibilities, same bills, same people, same problems, same job that comes with more problems, same car that still giving you problems, same negative balance in your checking account, same pains in your body, same medicine you have to take, same cancer, kidney disease, high/low blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, lupus, sickle cell, MS, migraines, sinus infection, cold, flu or simply the same old stuff that has you being sick of being tired but I just stopped by to let you know that it’s not Monday’s fault. Quite frankly, you have nobody to blame, so get over it. Job 5:7 says, “People are born for trouble as readily as sparks fly up from a fire,” so be ready for it because after you’ve gone through all of it, God’s word says in James 1:12, “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.” Isn’t that enough to make you want to run on? Isn’t that enough to rebuild your strength to press on? Isn’t that enough to let you know to not give up? Yea, you may be a single parent struggling to make it but hold on. You may be all alone during your sick time but hold on. You may even have folks around you and still feel alone but hold on. Yep, it’s another Monday but then comes Tuesday with Temptations, Wednesday with a little weeping, Thursday with some trials, Friday with fear, Saturday with stress but then Sunday comes which allows you to go to worship service and shout off all the hell from the previous week and if you take that shouting with you when you leave worship, it’ll prepare you to face Monday all over again. And when you do that your Monday turns from moody to ministering, Tuesday goes from temptations to being triumphant over your troubles, Wednesday goes from weeping to being worthy in your walk, Thursday goes from trials to talents that makes you thankful, Friday goes from fear to finding favor that makes you faithful and Saturday goes from stressful to satisfying that leaves you speechless! Yea, it’s Monday but hold on. It’ll be over before you know it!


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