Daily Devotional – 3/1/13 “Now hold up!”

I said stay in your struggle but I didn’t say you had to look like it! Yea, you don’t have to look like the hell you’re going through or been through. Just because you had to pace a little last night, that doesn’t mean you have to let folks know it by the bags and dark circles under your eyes. Just because you can’t afford to buy a new pair of pants, it doesn’t mean you have to show it cause baby, you can take them same pants you’ve had and add a different shirt and you got a whole new outfit! Yea, you don’t have to look like your struggle! Just because I don’t have the money to get my nails done, it doesn’t mean I can’t polish them myself because from a distance, everything looks good. You may not have the money to get my hair done but surely you can comb your own, right? All I’m saying is staying in your struggle doesn’t mean you’re giving in, so stop acting like it. Staying in your struggle says that you’re trying to reap your harvest from sowing your seeds of struggle. Humph, if you can’t endure a little to get your blessing, then why are you asking God for it? You can’t walk into a business and tell them you want a job and then expect to receive a badge because it doesn’t work like that. You have to fill out an application, interview 1 or 2 times, get hired, get some training and then work to be promoted. Well, getting blessings is the same. You fill out an application (that’s asking God), you interview for it, (that’s your struggle), you may have to interview again because there are a few more questions the Boss has questions on (again, your struggle), you get hired (that’s coming out your struggle), you get some training, (that’s bible study, prayer meeting, worship service) and then you work (that’s going when you don’t feel like it, helping when you don’t have it, blessing when you don’t want too, praying for others even though they’re talking about you, loving when you get none back, shouting in the place of crying, dancing in the place of pacing, living instead of dying, being a messenger instead of messy, etc.,)! See, after you do all these things you work toward being promoted or shall I say elevated. Because when you stay humble in the place you are, God is able to evaluate your efforts in order to elevate your employment, enlarge your earnings, establish your environments and exceed your expectations. Oh, when you stay in your struggle you’re able to get the blessing from the stressing but you don’t have to look like it!


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