Daily Devotional – 2/25/13 “It may be you!”

You’re wondering why everybody is always hating on you, it might just be you. Yea, it might be. Everybody don’t hate on you when they all have the same issue with you. If you’re always gossiping, lying, backbiting, think you know everything, stay meddling in folks business and just plain ole rude; you maybe the problem. No, they ain’t your enemy and God didn’t remove them from your life but they removed themselves because they are tired of hearing you complain about any and everything. You can’t even go eat without you sending your food back 3 times or complaining about the drink and then you have the nerve to be on your cell phone talking loud and cursing. That’s why folks are ignoring your call.

You’re wondering why your gift hasn’t made room for you, it might be you. Oh but you think it can’t be, right? Well, if you never use your gift it won’t make room for you. If you’re never thankful for your gift, it won’t make room for you. If you keep dipping your hands in worldly mess, it won’t make room for you. You want God to open doors for you but in your mind you’re too scared to walk through them or you still have a little doubt about your abilities, it won’t make room for you. No, there is nothing wrong with being nervous but there is everything wrong with being afraid of the gift that God has given you. Stop being scared, stop doubting and allow your gift to take you places man can’t. (I may just be talking to myself!)

You’re wondering why your prayers aren’t being heard, it might be you. Yea, you got the nerve to wonder why your prayers are stalled when you just used that same mouth to curse out your husband and then turn around as ask God to bless you. You were just on the phone talking about the same person who clicked in and asked you to pray for them and you’re wondering why your prayers aren’t being heard. Baby, God doesn’t deal in messy folk. Start by helping yourself and then you’ll be able to help others. The bible says in James 5:16 “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” The prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective which means those who act in accordance with God’s word.

So, if you’re having any doubt about the things that are going on around you, look at yourself first. No, God isn’t punishing you for what you did in your past, what you did on last night or even what you’re thinking about doing on lunch because He doesn’t work that way. Yes, you will have trouble but that was promised before you were even born so it didn’t just start with you. The mess you’re in may just be because of the mess you’re in. Look at self first because it may be you.


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