Daily Devotional – 2/19/13 “Oh, how I love Jesus!”

There is a name I love to hear, I love to sing its worth; it sounds like music in mine ear, the sweetest name on earth. Oh, how I love Jesus, Oh, how I love Jesus, Oh, how I love Jesus, Because He first loved me!

See, there’s not a love like the love of Jesus. That kind of love that make you love yourself when man won’t. That kind of love that make you feel like somebody even when the world say you’ll never amount to anything. That kind of love that rocks you when you feel lonely even though you’re surrounded by folk. That kind of love that sing you to sleep when your mind is racing and you want to pace the floor. That kind of love that will give you strength when you know you should have fallen a long time ago. That kind of love that lets you know everything will be alright even when the doctor says it won’t. That kind of love that pick you up when you’ve fallen too many times to count. That kind of love that’ll comfort you like momma after she is gone home. Oh, how I love Jesus …

Even when I was a filthy nobody running from His anointing, too scared to step out on faith, too blind to see His light, too worldly to be worthy, too ungrateful for His grace, too messy for His mercy, too mean to hear His message, too selfish to tithe, too talkative and still not testifying, too lazy to listen, too angry to be used, too ashamed to acknowledge Him and even when I felt like I was too broken to believe, too hurt to heal, too fearful to fight, too scared to stand, too weak to walk and too damaged to be delivered; He loved me anyway. Oh, how I love Jesus!

I better leave this thang alone because I feel something stirring in my spirit but somebody needed to know, today, that Jesus loves you. Yes, he does! It doesn’t matter what his or her text said because God’s text says in Romans 5:8, “But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Yea, it doesn’t matter that folk say they don’t love you anymore because Romans 8:37 says, “Despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.” When it is all said and done, Jesus loves you!


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