Daily Devotional – 2/18/13 “Live a life worth celebrating!”

I was sitting here thinking about what to write this morning and I didn’t have a clue. So, I went back to see what I had written this time last year and the devotional on 2/17/12 was entitled “What will your dash say?” and the wheel started turning. There was a funeral at our church on Saturday for one of the older members who passed away and it was the second one in 2 weeks and both times the funerals weren’t really a celebration of their life. I mean the services were both so dry yet the program said “Home going Celebration”. On the way home my daughter asked why I was so quiet and it was because I was reflecting back on my granddaddy’s final service and how much different it was. See, we celebrated his life because his life was worth celebrating. It just doesn’t make sense to have a person live their life in this mean old world and then once they die, we don’t celebrate their life especially if they’ve left a legacy behind. We should be celebrating that they’ve gotten out of this hell and are now headed to truly live where pain no longer resides, no judgment among folk, sickness can’t get in, no killings, no stealing, no hurt, no jealousy and no backbiting. There’s no this is mine and this is yours, no copays for doctor’s visits, no surgeries to schedule, no chemo or dialysis to take, no scars on your body, no glasses to wear, no wigs to put on and you don’t even have to worry about a change of clothes. A place where there are no bills, bill collectors, past due notices or phone calls all day long! Oh, isn’t this worthy of a celebration?

Yea, I know I’m in my feelings this morning but I’m feeling some kind of way. Yea, I want my life to speak for me when I die from this world to live again. I want my dash to say that I used to be nobody but God stepped in and made me into somebody, so celebrate it. Somebody can say, ”My dash will represent the new me because even though I used to be a drug addict, I committed myself back to God and he dipped my broken body in his blood and I came out clean and whole;” so celebrate it! Someone can say, “My dash will represent the new me because even though I used to lie and steal, God came into my life when I invited him and now I lie with him during the good and the bad and I only steal away when I need to pray;” so celebrate it! Somebody can say, “My dash will show that even though I made mistakes, God forgave me for them over and over, if I asked:” so celebrate it! Someone can say, “I was once afraid to acknowledge God before folks that I knew but when I realized the power that he can place over my life, how he can bring me through storms, comfort me when friends are gone, heal me when sickness comes and send rest when I toss and turn, I proudly proclaim to be a child of the king!” so celebrate it!

All I’m saying is live a life worthy of being celebrated when your time on this side is over.


2 thoughts on “Daily Devotional – 2/18/13 “Live a life worth celebrating!”

  1. This was a very touching devotion Kisha, today marks a month since I lost my mom and we definelty had a Celebration for her life, I miss my mom so very much but knowing she no longer has to suffer, no more dialysis, no more hurt no more pain knowing that she’s at home wit the Father gives me that little extra boost that extra push to keep goin to press forward. I love my mom & I miss her so much but I get reassurance juz knowing she’s in a much better place, she no longer has to deal with this worldly strife makes life a little easier. I know as long as GOD is on my side & He is my strength that life won’t be the same but it will be ok, afterwhile. Thank You Lord thank you!!!

    1. Yes ma’am Victoria! That is the best consolation. I never knew a pain like this until the passing of my grandfather so I understand exactly what you’re saying. Thank God for the strength he gives us! Blessings and prayers to you! Lakisha

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